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A detailed guide on the Coinbase Wallet extension

We live in a world that offers online services for almost everything in our lives- food, clothes, banking, automobiles, and so much more. And as soon as finance got integrated with technology, there is nothing that can stop us from believing in the technical possibilities.

Cryptocurrencies brought along crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, the blockchain network interactions, the high-priced digital assets, app and extension-based services and so much more. Thus, we decided to dedicate this read to one such exclusive service- the Coinbase wallet extension.

It got well-established as soon as it launched and is renowned as a browser service that allows its users to explore the market for DApps, let them trade on the decentralized exchanges, contributes to collecting NFTs, and more without even confirming these transactions from the in-use mobile phones.

Here, in this read, you’ll find significant details on the wallet extension that redefines the crypto experiences and takes you to explore new possibilities. Moving on you’d find a small section that introduces you to the online service along with details on its functionality.

Adding to the pile of information, you’ll understand all about the security protocols associated with the service, the browsers that the extension is compatible with, the steps to install it and set up, and the resolution steps to some of the most common issues users encounter with the extension service.

Let us walk you through all the data mentioned above, and contribute to enhancing your overall experience with crypto and the wallet extension exclusively designed for it.

Wondering, what is Coinbase wallet extension and how to use it?

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the important details you need to know about the exclusive extension that makes having and using a crypto wallet extremely facile. You could say that it is one of the best wallets created to stay on your browser.

The Coinbase wallet extension can be effectively used to have direct access to an exciting and huge world of decentralized finances including DApps. You can go on to explore them, trade on such exchanges, and more- all through your web browser.

Adding to the service goodness, management of private keys and safe storage of crypto wealth on the devices are simply two drops in an ocean. However, one very specific thing to know is that users do not have the authority to link their bank accounts to the wallet extension for making any trade transactions using US Dollars or any other fiat currencies.

It is the easiest and the most efficient wallet experience of all time and therefore, we’ve created a small section below to explain how the wallet works:

  1. Install the said extension and launch it.

  2. Head into the “Show Wallet Address”> “QR code”.

  3. Now, it’s essential that you have the Trust Wallet App.

  4. Launch the wallet app, look and go for “Send”.

  5. Get into “QR code” and scan the QR code on the browser.

  6. Keep up with the ongoing prompts to send.

  7. Choose the asset for exchange and close the transaction.

Explaining “is the Coinbase Wallet extension safe?”

Well, there is no doubt that the extension for the Coinbase wallet is your best option if keeping your crypto wealth on your browser with safe boundaries is what you want. However, we cannot neglect the fact that we are living in a cyber-dormant world, where threats are enormous.

On the one hand, we guarantee that the security protocols put in place by the developers of Coinbase wallet extension are of the best quality, and on the other hand, we cannot deny that staying online, is risky enough for crypto funds worth millions (but we’d also like you to visit the official wallet page at to decide for yourself).

So, we would say, there are only a few things that we’d suggest you do- use a password manager to set up an added layer of security, employ the use of anti-theft software on your browser and device/s, and always check for updates of the extension because outdated services are said to have more exposure to the risks in the online realm.

Learn about the availability of Coinbase browser extension

This tiny section of the read has been focused on the availability of the extension, or in other words, it is equipped with details of its compatibility:

  • Coinbase extension for Chrome (the most used)

  • Coinbase wallet extension Firefox

  • Coinbase Apple extension

  • Coinbase Wallet extension Safari

Steps- download, install and setup Coinbase wallet extension

As you can understand from the subject line of this section, it is entirely assigned to walking you through the steps of acquiring the Coinbase wallet extension and then setting it up so, let’s begin:

  1. Open a browser of your choice, and head into the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Look for the “Coinbase Wallet Extension” and wait to find it.

  3. As you see the results, go for “Add to Chrome” and then for “Add Extension.

  4. Now, post-installation, launch the extension and hit “Create a new wallet”.

  5. Remember that you cannot change your username, and move to type it in.

  6. Just as you confirm your username, you’ll have access to your recovery phrase.

  7. Ensure retaining it carefully onto an offline location so that it is accessible.

  8. Follow through the verification procedure to confirm storing the recovery phrase.

  9. Now, it is time to set up a strong and reliable password for your wallet.

  10. And as soon as that’s done, deposit into your wallet extension to begin.

Note: You can access the Chrome Web Store at

Fixing two frequent issues that users are coming across

This part of the read has been carefully created to help you understand that there are two issues users have been constantly complaining about- the Coinbase extension not updating, and the Coinbase wallet extension not working.

So we thought, we’d lay down a few measures that would help in troubleshooting the above-mentioned hindrances:

  • Ensure that the latest firmware has been installed on the device you’re using.

  • Check to see if there’s any trouble with the network you are on.

  • Double-check the launch of the Coinbase wallet extension, without which it’ll be difficult.

  • Rebooting or replacing the in-use device can help with fixing the issue too.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to introduce and familiarize you with the exclusive Coinbase Wallet extension that can be described as a dream come true for all the crypto enthusiasts out there. You can visit to know more about the brand that created the wallet.

It is an exclusive online service that grants users to explore DApps (or decentralized applications), trade on their exchanges (decentralized), collect exciting NFTs, and do more using their web browsers. And the best thing is it does not require you to confirm the transactions from your mobile phones.

Reading on, you learned the specific details that can guide you to benefit from the extension efficiently along with the steps to download/install the extension and set it up for use. And adding to the data pile, we help you resolve two of the most frequently encountered issues.