Our Company Mission

#1 Community & Courtesy: Serve as a positive influence in our communities. Engage with each and every customer and build relationships with them.

#2 Image & Cleanliness: Give customers confidence that we provide great food and service in a spotless restaurant.

#3 Honesty & Integrity: Maintain high ethical standards.

#4 Safety & Security: Follow proper procedures to keep yourself, your colleagues and our customers safe and injury free.

#5 Fun & Passion: Enjoy your job, have a passion for what you do, and demand excellence. If your job does not provide fulfillment, you should find one that does.

#6 Quality & Consistency: Trust and follow the process to ensure we are serving the same high-quality product, made the same way in every store, to each customer.

#7 Communication & Respect: Share ideas and information. If you know something, tell someone. And respect your co-workers. If you disagree, do so politely and work to reach consensus.

#8 Proactivity & Ownership: Implement solutions rather than simply pointing out problems. Take ownership of your job.