Lunch orders are taken in classrooms at 8.40am each day.

Chicken, Ham, Cheese Cordon Bleu Topper$4.00Lasagne Beef Topper$4.00Wedges with Sour Cream$5.00Cheese Toastie$3.50Mini Spring Rolls (x5)$2.00American Hot Dog with Cheese$5.00Spaghetti and Cheese Bun$3.00Miso Soup$3.00Nachos$5.00Pizza - Pepperoni or Hawaiian (Mon to Thurs)$2.00
Chicken/Ham and Seasonal Salad$5.00Juicies$1.50Moosies$2.00Cookie Time$1.50Fruit Salad$5.00Muffin – Chocolate or Strawberry$4.00Crispy Seaweed – Sesame or BBQ$2.00Popcorn$2.00Sticks$2.00Cassava Chips$1.50
Flavours available: Teriyaki Chicken, Tuna, Crispy Chicken, Teriyaki Beef, Salmon, Vegetarian. All options available gluten free.
4 pieces$6.006 pieces$8.008 pieces$9.50Half Roll$5.00Mini Rice Ball$4.50Large Rice Ball$6.50Teriyaki Chicken or Crispy Chicken Mini Bowls$10.50Teriyaki Chicken or Teriyaki Salmon on rice$7.50Crispy Chicken on rice$8.50