CMS IT Portal - Six Year Celebrations

Join us in the Online Celebration of this 6 year milestone of the IT Portal on this site.

Feedback from Management and Head Office HODs

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Feedback from Principals

"The IT portal has virtually revolutionised the educational and management system of the school and greatly aided the teaching-learning process." - Dr. Vineeta Kamran (Senior Principal, Kanpur Road Campus)

"The experience has been quite beneficial as paper work has reduced immensely and tracking of data and circulars has become quite easy through the various filters incorporated in the portal. Further the admission module helps a great deal in taking online admission with ease, during this pandemic." - Mrs. Nisha Pandey (Senior Principal, Rajajipuram Campus I)

"With the introduction of the IT portal major chunks of work have become paperless. It has a simple interface with proper filters to go through the different modules like purchase requisitions, circulars, tracking workforce and activity calendar with ease. The admissions and staff application module has made possible to have the admissions and staff recruitments online." - Mrs. Aditi Sharma (Principal, Chowk Campus)

"It has streamlined regular work like makes office paperless through Purchase Module, help in keeping a track of workforce, staff attendance, activity calendar, new admissions requests, circulars & teachers evaluation." - Dr. Kalpana Tripathi (Principal, Mahanagar Campus)

"My experience has been very good with the portal. I feel very convenient to check circulars, approve purchase requisitions, approving counsellors report, and the evaluation of teachers done annually." - Mrs. Jayashree Krishnan (Senior Principal, Rajendra Nagar Campus I)

"It goes without saying that today IT Portal is an integral part of education at CMS. By changing tedious and repetitive processes to simple and efficient ones, it saves us a lot of time and energy which leads to better performance of the staff and students. We now have an aligned and smooth workflow starting from student’s admission to the staff performance evaluation. In a nutshell, IT Portal is a core domain of our education system at CMS." - Mrs. Samvida Adhikari (Principal, Aliganj Campus II)

"It's a smooth sail and convenient for smooth operation and effective communication." - Mrs. Vera Hajela (Principal, Station Road Campus)

"CMS IT Portal has been very helpful in providing real time data in various areas, it has reduced paper work, streamlined requisition process and previous data and status of the requirements can be accessed easily and online admission was a great help in pandemic." - Mrs. Deepali Gautam (Principal, Rajendra Nagar Campus II)

User Feedback for Improvement in Processes by

CMS IT Portal

Total 96.6% of the people gave ratings 4 and 5 for improvement in process efficiency by the CMS IT Portal.

Total 93.1% of the people gave ratings 4 and 5 for the time saving characteristic of the CMS IT Portal.

Total 93.1% of the people gave ratings 4 and 5 for Paperless Work due to the CMS IT Portal.

Total 98.3% of the people gave ratings 4 and 5 for Tracking of Processes offered by the CMS IT Portal.

Total 98.3% of the people gave ratings 4 and 5 for improvement by CMS IT Portal in Reporting aspects.

Total 98.3% of the people gave ratings 4 and 5 for Data Collection attribute of the CMS IT Portal

User Testimonials

"As it is said, 'Innovation is change that unlocks new value', the introduction of the IT Portal has added value by making my work more systematic." - Triguna Singh (Counsellor, Rajendra Nagar Campus I)

"The experience of CMS IT Portal is quite good as it keeps on updating according to latest technologies with addition of integration capabilities and personalization features as per our requirement which helps us in maintaining proper data with proper management." - (IT Assistants, Rajajipuram Campus I)

"It is very helpful for getting items from a single portal." - Punit Pandey (Head Clerk, Aliganj Campus II)

"CMS IT Portal is one of the best thing that helps us to do paperless work and it also saves our time. It provides us with good technology and information. " - Afreen Nisar (Assistant Teacher, Rajajipuram Campus II)

"Since the arrival of Purchase Portal the work for generating the requirement and tracking of the same has been made easy and the process is much more professional. The portal helps in tracking the requirement anywhere and at anytime which eases the work and better planning can be done after tracking the requirement." - Nischal Pandey (Ex J.E., Rajajipuram Campus I)

We are extremely thankful and grateful to you for your support and cooperation. We would have never achieved this milestone without the helpful openness and understanding from you. We are grateful to our Respected Management members for leading the path of innovation in education technologies for both academic and administrative operations. Thank you all!

- With Warm Regards, Process Automation and Web Development Department (Portal Development Team)