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**Fill out the Digital Parent Note Google Form**

**Parents will receive a confirmation email after completing the form in order to verify the legitimacy of the absence.

Request to Leave Campus During ACCESS

  • On Wednesdays 5th period has been moved to the end of the day. If a student's scheduled lunch is 5th period, they have from 2:10-3:40 to study and access teachers and study labs.

  • On Thursdays 4th period has been moved to the end of the day. If a student's scheduled lunch is 4th period, they have from 2;10-3:40 to study and access teachers and study labs.

  • If a parent wishes to sign their student out of school during ACCESS time, they must complete the Request to Leave Campus Form. The form must be completed by 1:30 pm on the day of the desired absence.

Leaving Campus During School Hours

In order for a student to be excused for an appointment, he/she must check out through the attendance office. Please call or email the attendance office in advance of the appointment, so the student may stop by to pick up their pass in order to leave class early. Parents waiting on students to be pulled out of class without a pass to leave may have an extended wait time.

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Pre-Arranged Absence Forms process:
  1. Click the "Pre-Arranged Absence Form", and print.
  2. Once printed, a parent/guardian must sign the form.
  3. Next, it is the student's responsibility to talk to each teacher and obtain their signature
  4. Return the form to the attendance office 48 hours (school days) prior to the absence with all signatures completed.


BOE Policy: JH
One criteria of a student’s success in high school is daily attendance. Frequent absences often lead to poor academic performance and failure. No single factor can interfere with a student’s achievement more quickly than frequent tardies or absences.
THE STUDENT: Responsibility for attending class lies with the student. The attendance policy is not intended to be punitive in nature. It does, however, emphasize that students are responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Students are expected to attend class unless they are ill, have a medical appointment (documentation from a doctor may be required), experience a family emergency, or have administrative approval to be absent.

THE PARENT: Any time a student is absent, the parent must call the school attendance office at 719-630-4110 before 3:15 p.m. on the day of the absence. Parents may contact attendance 24 hours a day by email or leave a voicemail at 719-630-4110. If a call is not possible, the student may bring a note from the parent to the attendance office before class starts on the day the student returns to school.
If an absence is not cleared within 48 hours with a phone call or note, the absence will be considered unexcused. All medical documentation must be provided within 48 hours for absences to be recorded as medical. Attendance Phone Line: 719-630-4110Attendance/Nurse Fax Line: 719-448-0132
Parents may not excuse a student who has missed a class while remaining on campus.
THE TEACHER: When a student’s absences (whether excused or unexcused) adversely impact his/her grade in class, the classroom teacher will talk with the student and phone the parent to inform them of the concern. Parent contacts are recognized as an important intervention tool when working with students and attendance issues.
THE ADMINISTRATION: When teacher contacts have not changed the student’s attendance pattern, the administration will take an active role in monitoring and disciplining the student via an attendance contract. Interventions may range from warnings to referral to the court system.