Upper El

What are Upper El students doing in PE? Scroll to the bottom to find out!

Parents, see below for your child's PE day. Please have them wear sneakers on PE day. Thanks!

MONDAY: Miss Amira

TUESDAY: Miss Christy


THURSDAY: Miss Michelle, Miss Cecelia

FRIDAY: Miss Sandy

We follow the North Carolina Healthful Living Essential Standard Course of Study. Feel free to use the link below and check it out.

What are Upper El Students doing in PE right now?

Upper El students have completed mandatory fitness testing. To see your child's fitness testing scores you can visit:

Username: Student ID

Password: Last Name

Students can even enter fitness goals and develop fitness logs to track physical activity!

** The Upper El team handball tournaments have begun! Each U.E. class will have it's own class tournament. The champion of the class gets to advance to the U.E. tournament of champions and play against the other U.E. class champs!

Click the link to see a video description of Olympic handball rules: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69Ap8WsenXc