Mr Kinman

AP European History

AP US History

AP US History -1st Period A/B day, 2nd A/B Day, 4th A-day

AP European History- 4th B-Day

**Weather update- Review Kinman’s Google site during any missed school days, class will continue and long term schedule will NOT be impacted- review your syllabus for due dates and content to be covered. If we miss class due to a weather “event”- all work due during the period we are out is due the first class meeting when we return to school. If a test is scheduled during the time period we miss, the exam will be the first class meetingwhen we return. If there is an exam scheduled and we miss class, the exam date remains the same (so if we were out days prior to an exam and return on scheduled exam date- the exam will still be taken). When in doubt email Kinman

Test Corrections/Points Back----Students may review old tests and make "corrections" after which they can "re-test" on unit materials. "Re-tests" will consist of Multiple choice, free response, and/or essay prompts-- choosen AT RANDOM from the textbook test creator and/or from released College Board past exams. All corrections/"re-tests" must be completed within one week of orriginal exam, and "re-tests" will not result in a score higher than a 79%. Any and all "re-tests" must be completed after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Tutoring/extra help- Tuesday & Thursday- 230-4pm or by appointment

(email if you are needing to stay)