Sora is the CMS ebook platform for academic, professional, & leisure reading! Log in with Google or Clever (your Rapid Identity information). Remember to add the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library and NC Digital Kids for access to more resources.

SIRS Issues Researcher provides articles, primary sources, websites and graphics to support K-12 students with research, study and homework. This resource is great for argumentative writing because it presents BOTH sides of current leading issues. Great for argumentative writing. Users can save articles to directly to their Google Drive. To Save to Google Drive when using Chromebook choose print, then Print to Google Drive.

Hours of Operation:

6:55am-2:55pm Monday - Thursday

6:55am-2:15pm Friday

(Hours may vary and are subject to change without notice)

* If you are in need of media center access outside of these times, please speak with Mrs. Brown


Checkout: Students can check out 5 books, for 3 weeks, with 1 renewal.

Book Fines: No overdue Fines. If you lose/damage a book in print, the fine will be the replacement cost of the book.

Photocopy & Print Fees: Black-and-white prints cost $.20/page. Photocopies are available for $.20/copy at any time. Color prints cost $.50/page.

Media Center Student Expectations

  1. Students who wish to use the media center MUST have a signed pass from their teacher. NO student will be permitted to the media center without a pass.

  2. Students are required to have meaningful work to complete when in the media center.

  3. Students are required to show respect to each other and to the school librarian or staff.

  4. The level of noise in the library should not exceed normal conversational volume and should not make it difficult for students or staff to do their work.

  5. There is no eating allowed in the library. Water bottles are allowed.

  6. Any student whose behavior inhibits another student from working may be asked to leave the Library-Media Center.

  7. All school rules apply in the Library-Media Center.

Library-Media Center privileges may be suspended for up to one month for inappropriate behavior, breaking Library-Media Center rules or school rules.

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