Honors Principles of Biomedical Science

Welcome to Mrs Draffen's site for PLTW Honors Principles of Biomedical Science! I am very excited to share this course with you this year. While it is rigorous and challenging at times, you will succeed as long as you come to class every day, work productively, follow directions and ask questions if you don't understand. You will collaborate with each other by working often in pairs or groups, but will be responsible for your own learning. It is important to review daily what you have done, complete all assignments and study a little bit every day. We will access the PLTW website as your textbook, and will use canvas for submitting assignments, most quizzes and tests.

Contact Information:

Dawn Draffen, RN BSN

PLTW certified to teach PBS, HBS

Independence HS

1967 Patriot Drive

Charlotte, NC 28227


Email: dawnc.draffen@cms.k12.nc.us