Electronic Technical Association

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To work on various innovative technical activities which will bestow creative minds thinking patterns to the upcoming future engineers. So that students mind can boost enough and face any hurdles in the way of learning, new tactics to deal with ever changing or dynamic technology.


  • To enhance the technical innovativeness of our institute students by organizing the workshops and competitions on various technical level in order to attract the interest of the students towards technical aspects of their education.
  • This clubs main motive is to develop and nurture young brains in creating and enhancing their technical knowledge.
  • The idea to develop a comprehensive knowledge of electronics and bring about projects based on core electronics gave the initiation to Club activities.
  • Provide a platform where the students can put their innovative efforts and clear their doubts to transform them into reality.
  • To enhance the opinion and the dissenting opinion through the club's activities.
  • To enhance the democratic approach among students.

ETA- Your imagination is your limit

Faculty Council:

Faculty Coordinator: Sachin Aralikatti

Faculty Coordinator: Manohar Valleti

Faculty Coordinator: Chetan H

Ex-Officio Members:

General Secretary : Mageshwari K (8th Semester)

Technical Head : Vinay A Mattur (8th Semester)

Event Coordinator : Sai Bhavya BP (8th Semester)

Student Council:

General Secretary : Pavan Singh V (6th Semester)

Additional Secretary Head : Rakesh H (6th Semester)

Technical Head : Rehana (6th Semester)