Center of Excellence

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM), the process of making a product layer by layer instead of using traditional molding or subtractive methods-has become one of the most revolutionary technology applications in manufacturing. Often referred to as 3-D printing, the best-known forms of AM today depend on the material: SLS (selective laser sintering), SLA (stereolithography), and FDM (fused deposition modeling) in plastics, and DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) and LMD (laser metal deposition) in metals. Once employed purely for prototyping, AM is now increasingly used for spare parts, small series production, and tooling. For manufacturing with metals, the ability to use existing materials such as steel, aluminum, or super alloys such as Inconel has significantly eased the process of adopting AM. Meanwhile, the number of materials that AM can handle is constantly expanding. A wide range of new plastics have been developed, along with processes and machines for printing with ceramics, glass, paper, wood, cement, graphene, and even living cells. Applications are now available in industries ranging from aerospace to automobiles, from consumer goods (including food) to health care (where artificial human tissue can be produced using AM).


Our vision is to drive disruptive change and rapid development of next generation Additive Manufacturing by establishing the fundamental knowledge and advanced methods to control and enable targeted 3D multi-functionality


Continually and critically assess the status of AM technology and its potential, perform visionary research, cenable confident projection of value propositions, and build resource and talent networks

Center Goals

The goals of CoE-AM will be to:

  • Develop the next generation of advanced materials and manufacturing innovations in AM through fundamental and applied R&D efforts.
  • Collaborate with local, national, and international companies to enable such innovations through research projects.
  • Educate the next generation of researchers, scientists, and engineers who will assure the next technological innovations are developed and manufactured in India.