CMBA Canadian style of play (cSP) E3

Explode, Explore, Execute (E3) is a core feature of our Canadian Style of Play.


Once a team grabs a rebound, or gains possession of the ball from a turnover, they should try to "explode" out on the fast break, trying to score as quickly as possible before the defence is back and set.

Ideally in the explode phase of E3, teams should look for a good shot (where a player in range, open and on balance) within the first 6-8 seconds of the shot clock.


If a team is not able to score during the "explode" phase of their offence, hopefully the defence is out of position and is scrambling to recover. In the "explore" phase of E3, teams should aim to keep the advantage it has by moving the ball quickly and attacking open space or mismatches to keep the defence scrambling.


If the opponents defence is back in position and protecting the basket, the team on offence does not have an advantage (they are neutral) and need to run a quick action, or set, to try and scramble the defence and create an advantage, and hopefully a scoring opportunity.

Teams can also enter the "execute" phase of E3 when in transition. For example when you explode out after a rebound, your team may be stopped by full court pressure. Now, your team must move into the Execute phase with pressure release action. In this possession your team has gone from explode to execute and didn’t enter into the explore phase. In other words, Explode, Explore, Execute are potential phases of each possession.

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