The Suicide Prevention for College Student (SPCS)  Gatekeepers Program


Program Overview

The Suicide Prevention for College Students (SPCS) Gatekeepers Program is a 90-minute, evidence-based gatekeeper training designed specifically for college students, developed by licensed psychologists at Clover Educational Consulting Group (Clover). The SPCS Gatekeepers Program teaches students to recognize signs and symptoms associated with suicide risk and to support appropriate help-seeking behaviors. College students are the chosen audience for this program, as they are deeply rooted in the campus community and thus well-positioned to notice suicide warning signs in peers. With the right tools, student gatekeepers can intervene to help those at risk for suicide. 


 Training Components

The SPCS Gatekeepers Program is divided into the following training components:

Across all phases, discussion and polling questions are used to encourage participant engagement.  Each training is limited to 30 participants to maximize program benefits. 

Research Support

The SPCS Gatekeepers Program was developed and piloted in 2017. Following the training, student participants reported greater suicide prevention competence, endorsed fewer stigmatizing beliefs, and reported increased knowledge about suicide. High program acceptability scores across all items indicated that the program was well received.

Since, three SAMHSA Mental Health Awareness Training Grants supported a large-scale dissemination effort of the program across four college campuses. Outcomes replicated those of the pilot study at post-test and 12-week follow-up, and almost half of participants reported that they supported someone with a mental health concern post-training. 

Similar outcomes have been found when the program is presented synchronously in-person and online.

A scale construction study is underway to develop and validate a package of measures to examine outcomes for gatekeeper training programs.  

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About Clover

Clover Educational Consulting Group, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation with a mission of improving the mental health of the community through advances in policy, workforce, and training.  Clover is based in Mineola, Texas, with a secondary branch in Austin. The founders of Clover are doctoral-level licensed psychologists with specific expertise in research, administration, policy, program development, and education and training.