Clover, South Carolina

Project Lead the Way

Gateway to Technology

Welcome to PLTW

Instructor: Jackie Osterhout, M.Ed

Subject Area: Career Technology/STEM

Classroom: A185

email: jacqueline.osterhout@clover.k12.sc.us

Step into the Oakridge Middle School Career Technology Lab and you enter a workshop, science lab, computer lab, and art room blended into one unique learning space. It is a place to discover how designers work to create the technology we use today and for the future. Following the Project Lead the Way Curriculum, students create, design, build and problem solve. Students that like hands-on projects, working with others, and that are good independent workers will enjoy PLTW classes.

OMS offers three PLTW Gateway Classes as part of the exploratory course rotation. Open any of the page links to learn about each class.

A Special Message to

Rising 6th Graders and All New Students

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Engineering Careers Web Quest

A - Z Engineering

Directions- In this activity, you will use the computers and internet to research and alphabetically name as many types of engineers as you can. You must find at least 20 of the 26 letters below. Be sure to read the job description so you have some understanding of what each does! Place a star by any type of engineering that seems interesting, to easily go back and find more information for part 2.

Use the links below to get you started on the Engineering Career's Web Quest. This is not a complete list, and you may find it necessary to use other websites which are not listed!

Create an Engineering Careers Word Search

1) Click on the link above (Puzzle Maker).

  • Section 1: Enter a creative title for your word search.
  • Section 2: Enter 20 x 20 as the size of your word search puzzle
  • Section 3: Check the bubble for "Share letters occasionally."
  • Section 4: Check the bubble for "text".
  • Section 5: Enter each of your 20 engineering careers (from part 1). Be sure to separate each career name by a comma. DO NOT enter the word engineering for each career.
  • Section 6: Click "Create my Puzzle" and check over your puzzle to be sure that all 20 of your words have been included.

2) After your puzzle has been created, copy and paste the puzzle and terms into a blank Word document

Add your title and your name to the top of the document and save it.