eLearning in Clover


What does extended eLearning mean?

As Governor McMaster has closed schools in SC through March 31, 2020, Clover School District is now in a period of extended eLearning. All students in grades 3-12 have the option of 24-hour access to devices, but may opt to be day-users. All students in grades PK-2 are day-users of devices. During this extended window, all students in grades 1-12 will be allowed to take the devices home to complete work.

Teachers and instructional specialists have worked to develop playlists of standards-based work and activities for students in grades PK-5. These will be used during the initial 10 days we are closed. Teachers will provide support through online videos and web conferencing tools. During this time, plans are being made for how to transition to more digital content from teachers if we are called to be away from school beyond March 31.

For grades 6-12, teachers in all content areas have created grade/course appropriate work for students to access. Teachers also provide support through online means. Students will submit assignments digitally in Canvas, and teacher will provide appropriate feedback and grading digitally.

For students in all grades, a grace window will be determined for the due date of assignments. Technology support to families will include office hours provided by each teacher, a call center that is staffed from 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday), and an email address for technology help and troubleshooting.

What is eLearning?

Prior to the closing of SC schools by Governor McMaster, eLearning was originally designed to allow students to use technology to learn anytime and anywhere. We will use eLearning days when school is closed due to a disruption of normal activities (i.e. weather, power-outage). On eLearning days, students and teachers do not report to school, but will complete classroom activities using technology (grades 3-12). We can use up to three eLearning days as is appropriate for the events that arise in a given school year and will decide if we use consecutive days on a case-by-case basis. Not every inclement weather day will be an eLearning day, only those days for the district can proactively plan and release materials.