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Google Cloud Platform Services

Get our GCP team to help you assess, plan, deploy and optimize your workloads and apps into Google cloud platform. Learn more.

G Suite Services

Helping enterprises in their digital transformation journey to tap into a world of connected, social,mobile and cloud powered workplace. More

"We live your business problems And then find solutions capitalizing on your Google Cloud Investment."

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Google Cloud Enterprise Professional Services​

Infrastructure as a service

Migration Services to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) including technical planning and assessment; cloud architecture; migration and implementation; and cloud management services.

Disaster Recovery on GCP adding to the migration services, automatic fall-over and fall-back operations.

Backup & Archival on GCP offering complete technical, security and budget assessments and deploying using online and offline desk uploads to create data and OS level backups.

Big Data and IoT

Cloudypedia offers Data Warehousing and visualization utilizing Google's Big Query and integrating enterprise databases to Google Cloud.

G Suite and Digital Transformation Services

Cloudypedia offers professional services to enterprises to help them with digital transformation by changing people through change management consulting, processes through workflow customization and technology through technical migration to:

Transforming to a Digital Workspaces using G Suite

Transforming to a Digital Marketplaces to engage at scale and use E-commerce tools provided by Google.

Transforming legacy applications and work processes to a digital core, where technology is in every part of the organization.

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