-Developing Physical Literacy

Physical literacy can be described as the ability and motivation to capitalize on our movement potential to make a significant contribution to our quality of life. (Whitehead, 2006)

-Aim of K-6 Physical Education

The aim of the physical education curriculum is to provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes toward active living. The curriculum will support students in acquiring the understandings and skills to engage in movement activity and to develop a solid foundation for a balanced lifestyle. (PEI PE curriculum, 2011).

-Goals of K-6 Physical Education

The three goals for students from Kindergarten to grade 6 are the following:

  • Active Living- enjoying and engaging in healthy levels of participation in movement activities to support lifelong active living in the context of self, family, and community.

  • Skilful Movement- enhancing quality of movement by understanding, developing, and transferring movement concepts, skills, tactics, and strategies to a wide variety of movement activities.

  • Relationships- balancing self through safe and respectful personal, social, cultural, and environmental interactions in a wide variety of movement activities. (PEI PE curriculum, 2011).