Who Are Your Morgan School Support Staff?

The Morgan School offers a number of school based social, emotional, and behavioral supports to allow students to access their education and function effectively within the school setting.

Sara Thomas, NCSP

School Psychologist

Maureen Tranquilli, LCSW

School Social Worker


(860)664-6504 ext. 1476


(860)664-6504 ext. 1471

School Based vs. Community Based Counseling

School-Based Counseling:

  • School-based counseling’s primary focus is support rather than treatment

  • Service delivery is to either individuals and/or groups

  • The purpose is to increase functioning in the school setting

  • The target issue or behavior directly affects the student during the school day

  • Identifies strategies/coping skills to respond to or avoid sources of stress

  • Crisis intervention or mediating peer conflicts may be addressed by school counseling

  • School counselors work collaboratively with community based counseling professionals

  • School based counseling is generally provided on a short term basis.

Community-Based Counseling:

  • Community counseling tends to be a longer-term service

  • The issues or concerns addressed may be more serious and reflect pathology (e.g. depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorder, etc.)

  • The focus of service is on treatment

  • Situational or long term stressors that may not have a direct impact on daily school functioning may be best supported by community based counseling

  • Family based issues that do not impact a student within the educational environment are best addressed through community based counseling