HIspanics in action Inc.

Port St. Lucie, Fl

Free classes: English, French, Spanish, & Citizenship

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Free in-person and online English, French, Spanish, and Citizenship classes with native teachers in the Treasure Coast. Individual or group in-person or virtual classes. No purchase necessary we will provide appropriate written material, video content, and a Student's Dictionary. To register please call 772-924-1002 or email nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com.

Clases de inglés y ciudadanía, gratis. Se provee material de estudio.

¿Individuales o en grupo? Tenemos individuales via Zoom y Whatsapp. Favor llamar al 772-924-1002 o enviar correo electrónico a nelsonmerchancely1@gmail.com

Hispanics In Action Inc. was founded in 2005 in St. Lucie County, FL with the purpose of sharing our knowledge with you teaching Spanish, French, English and Citizenship, with the record of 801 new US Citizens.


Directly from your house, office or where you are, have your virtual classes. Use Zoom or WhatsApp, no problem.


Oh! Do you prefer in-person classes, well here we have a list of those places.

Native Instructions

Looking for your proper teacher? You mean native? Yes, well call us 772-924-1002 during our office hours Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

Meet Our Instructors

Nelson Merchan-Cely, founder of Hispanics In Action Inc.

Andy Lowe, English instructor

E. Theresa Bramble, MS ED Especializada en inglés y Ciudadanía

Luigi Ricard. Experienced French teacher.

Cristina Martinez, instructor of drawing classes for children art exhibit.

*Photo taken at our Children's Art Exhibit at Savannas Preserve State Park Port St. Lucie

Before the Pandemic most of our classes were in-person. One of them was at The First United Methodist Church in Prima Vista, Port St. Lucie, FL.

**As soon as we return to our in-person classes we will advise you, the place, day, time. When you call us please leave your name and phone number at 772-924-1002.