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FIRST Tech Challenge is always looking for new people! If you are interested in starting a team at your school, here are some basic materials to get yourself started. 

To get help with funding and mentoring, apply here:

Rookie Team Startup Costs

Rookie Grant

The startup costs for a new team can be daunting, but their are resources to help offset the costs including :

The FTC Rookie Team Grant provides new teams with $750.00 to use for FIRST Tech Challenge season registration and products from the FTC Storefront. For more information on the grant and how to apply for it, go to

2023-2024 FTC Game: CENTERSTAGE

The FIRST Tech Challenge is changed every year, with a new original game curated by FIRST for each season.  This year's game is CENTERSTAGE. For the official FTC introduction to this game, go to 

Other helpful Resources as you get started:

Example Engineering Portfolios from 22-23 Power Play

9848 Engineering Portfolio 22-23.pdf
15458 EP 22-23.pdf