Strategic Improvement Plan

   Building a Better Tomorrow, Today


The COVID 19 virus has forced our school system to adjust to non-traditional methods of operations since March 2020. Decisions based on data from local, state and national resources have been and will continue to be made in the best interest of over 52,000 students and their families, as well as over 7,300 employees. Although we have been sorely tested by this pandemic, our children, our employees and our communities have responded and have achieved. We can be proud of our accomplishments because they have been earned under never before experienced stress.

Building upon the successes realized through the 2018-2021 Strategic Improvement Plan, the 2021-2026 Strategic Improvement Plan aims to prepare our students for the future by continuing to focus on improving their academic achievement.


The vision of Clayton County Public Schools is to prepare ALL graduates to have the skills to pursue and accomplish college, post-secondary training, and/or career opportunities in order to live and compete successfully in a global society.


The mission of Clayton County Public Schools is to empower scholars to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals by providing equitable access and experiences that build skills in literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

We believe...

Six Goals of the 2021-2026 Strategic Improvement Plan

From January 2021 to June 2021, the Strategic Improvement Plan committee met with various stakeholder groups to discuss the direction of the district. At the conclusion of the stakeholder meetings, members of the Board of Education met in groups of 3 or 4 to work together to develop the Vision, Mission, Strategic Goals and Belief Statements for the District. The Board of Education also reviewed the compiled work of the various teams via a Google Document and were able to give their input prior to the June 2021 work session. After the work of the Board, the Cross Functional Team reviewed the statements and administered a stakeholder input survey. Over 87% of the stakeholders who completed the survey agreed with the proposed statements. (For more information regarding the timeline, please click here.) Click here for a pdf version of the plan.

Goal 1: Literacy for All

To increase and accelerate academic achievement in all content areas and literacy levels for all scholars, to include students in all special programs, in Clayton County Public Schools as evidenced by local, state, national, and international assessment results

Performance Objective 1.1: From 2021- 2026, Clayton County Public Schools and every school will demonstrate three to five percentage points growth each school year for students scoring at the proficient and distinguished levels as evidenced by state, national, and international assessments.


Initiative 1.1.1: Implement, monitor, and support evidence-based instructional and intervention practices grounded in Literacy, Numeracy, Critical Thinking, Technology Integration, and STEM/STEAM


Action Step 1.1.1a: Implement a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is assessed and evaluated to ensure alignment to state, national, and international standards, students’ interest and needs, and the demands of an ever-evolving global economy (GVPE 4.3, 5.1)


Action Step 1.1.1b: Implement and monitor the use of evidence-based disciplinary literacy strategies [e.g. high-impact practices] in all subjects and grade levels in order to increase students’ literacy achievement grade levels (GVPE 4.3, 5.1)


Action Step 1.1.1c: Implement evidence-based practices that support effective collaborative planning, data analysis and usage, and rigorous lesson design and delivery that help all students apply learning at high levels (GVPE 4.3)


Action Step 1.1.1d: Use various qualitative and quantitative data sources to continuously improve the implementation of the core curricula, instructional practices, and interventions for both core and non-core subjects to appropriately accelerate students’ learning (GVPE 5.1, 5.3)


Initiative 1.1.2: Implement, support and monitor evidence-informed outreach strategies and programs that target ages birth to grade two to improve students’ early learning readiness


Action Step 1.1.2a: Expand access to early learning programs (e.g. Prekindergarten) across the district to increase students’ participation and readiness skills (GVPE 3.4)


Action Step 1.1.2b: Implement instructional, intervention, and assessment practices that align to the science of reading in all early learning classrooms (GVPE 3.5)


Action Step 1.1.2c: Expand early learners’ access to high quality resources in the classroom, at home, and in the community. (GVPE 3.6)


Action Step 1.1.2d: Collaborate with community-based partners and early learning centers to increase awareness among parents/caregivers of the importance of focusing on early learning strategies prior to students entering pre-kindergarten


Performance Objective 1.2: From 2021- 2026, Clayton County Public Schools and every high school will increase the graduation rate from 76% (2021) to 90% or higher.


Initiative 1.2.1: Implement, monitor, and support program-redesign for all schools by enhancing vertical articulation among feeder schools by aligning program offerings to students’ interests and academic needs, and labor/market data


Action Step 1.2.1a: Ensure the quality expansion of middle and high school courses to increase pathway offerings (i.e. Advanced Academic, Fine Arts, and World Languages) in order to meet students’ interest and postsecondary goals (GVPE 4.3)


Action Step 1.2.1b: Implement an early warning system to increase monitoring and support for students who have not demonstrated grade level proficiency (GVPE 5.3)


Action Step 1.2.1c: Implement credit recovery options for students who are at least one year behind normal matriculation


Action Step 1.2.1d: Expand talent development, career exposure, and career placement opportunities for students by increasing robust partnerships with business and industry (GVPE 5.4)


Initiative 1.2.2: Implement, monitor, and support the district’s framework for creating and implementing innovative, high-quality school-based choice programs or schools such as magnet, theme, STEM/STEAM etc. that support the transformation of schools 


Action Step 1.2.2a: Expand and monitor quality School Choice options (e.g.  Magnet, STEM/STEAM, Theme) that support equity and diversity (GVPE 4.3, 8.5, 8.6)


Action Step 1.2.2b: Expand and monitor school-based instructional programs or schools such as magnet, theme, STEM/STEAM, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge, and Advanced Placement, Dual Language Immersion, etc. that support equity and diversity (GVPE 4.3, 8.5, 8.6)


Action Step 1.2.2c: Implement a rubric to measure the impact of the STEM/STEAM on students’ learning and post-secondary endeavors (GVPE 5.1)


Action Step 1.2.2d: Increase elementary, middle, and high school vertical articulation in planning, promotion strategies, course options, School Choice options, and transitional activities

Goal 2: Highly Effective Teachers, Leaders, and Staff

To recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified and effective staff.

Performance Objective 2.1: From 2021- 2026, Clayton County Public Schools will recruit employees who meet district, state, and national standards.

Initiative 2.1.1: Employ multiple recruitment strategies in an effort to develop and maintain multiple talent pipelines


Action Step 2.1.1a: Expand recruitment efforts related to current programs, initiatives and targeted strategies that support talent development (GVPE 6.1)


Performance Objective 2.2:  From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will support staff retention efforts by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Initiative 2.2.1: Engage staff in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities


Action Step 2.2.1a: Integrate SEL opportunities and activities in all school and departments


Action Step 2.2.1b: Develop a program to support the emotional well- being of all employees in the district


Action Step 2.2.1c: Implement SEL opportunities for all employees in the district through consistent opportunities for relationship building and engagement

Initiative 2.2.2: Provide continuous professional learning opportunities for all staff


Action Step 2.2.2a: Promote course opportunities to enhance the professional growth of all employees (certified and classified) - Professional Learning and Leadership Capacity Courses


Action Step 2.2.2b: Provide state approved endorsements for employees at no additional cost beyond a commitment to remain with the district for an additional three years


Action Step 2.2.2c: Develop current employees seeking leadership positions through our county-based leadership capacity programs

Goal 3: Safe, Healthy, and Supportive Learning Environments

To create an equitable and safe environment that promotes active engagement, communication, accountability, and collaboration of all stakeholders to maximize student achievement

Performance Objective 3.1: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will enhance the utilization of technology to decrease response times to crises occurring on campuses by 10%.


Initiative 3.1.1: Implement a crisis alert system


Action Step 3.1.1a: Train pertinent staff members on how to use the incident response technology to initiate alerts and disseminate critical information pertaining to emergency incidents on campus (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 3.1.1b: Implement a monitoring plan to ensure the Crisis Alert system is functioning as designed (GVPE 8.1)


Action Plan 3.1.1c: Disseminate information to teachers and administrators to encourage staff to use the system to report medical emergencies, fights, etc. that will yield positive outcomes relative to response times to classroom where incidents are occurring (GVPE 8.1)


Action Plan 3.1.1d: conduct drills for the student population starting in January 2022. (GVPE 8.1)


Initiative 3.1.2: Implement a safety management system, e.g. Gaggle


Action Step 3.1.2a: Utilize the safety management technology to monitor the students district digital media accounts and identify those who are in crisis (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 3.1.2b: Use the safety management technology to respond to our students by combining technology with real people in an effort to intercept key indicators (words) that may reveal a student’s intent to cause harm to others or themselves (GVPE 8.1)


Action Steps 3.1.2c: Collaborate with Students Services (counselors) to ensure the students receive the appropriate mental health and wrap around counseling services needed to sufficiently mitigate the crisis (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 3.1.2d: Conduct training of All of the district schools staff and administrators, as well as Student Services on the technology to ensure expeditious response plans were developed for expeditious intervention (GVPE 8.1)


Initiative 3.1.3: Implement an emergency and visitor/volunteer management system, e.g. Raptor

Action Step 3.1.3a: Utilize the visitor/volunteer management system for teachers to instantly access class rosters via personal mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) in order to account for their students and seamlessly broadcast the data to incident managers and administrators during a crisis (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 3.1.3b:  Provide staff with quick and easy access to the school’s incident-specific action plans, facility maps, and emergency operating procedures (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 3.1.3c: Utilize the Parent Reunification process, of which is streamlined by providing mobile guardian validation, reunification processing, and student release tracking (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 3.1.3d: Conduct drills and create documentation track drill completion of all our drills (Fire, Tornado, Intruder, etc.) (GVPE 8.1)


Performance Objective 3.2: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will publicize/promote the goals, programs, services and activities of the school district as well as enhance collaboration of all internal and external stakeholders


Initiative 3.2.1: Review and enhance the Communication Plan to include broader use of virtual communication platforms to connect with internal and external stakeholders on a more direct, one-to-one basis and to engage more effectively with culturally diverse families and community members 


Action Step 3.2.1a: Collaborate with the district’s International Center to provide interpreting services for district-wide events and translation of documents/tools into other languages to communicate more effectively and inclusively (GVPE 8.2)


Action Step 3.2.1b: Expand stakeholder outreach opportunities to support overall district achievement, activities, initiatives, services and operations (GVPE 8.4, 8.7)

Goal 4: Effective and Sustainable Operational Practices

To provide high quality, equitable support services delivered within budget to promote high performance in the Clayton County Public Schools

Performance Objective 4.1:  From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will ensure scholars have access to high quality nutritional services and products pursuant to USDA and GADOE Guidelines at no cost to the students.


Initiative 4.1.1: Create an environment that allows for ease of serving meals to all students in the virtual, hybrid or face-to-face learning environments


Action Step 4.1.1a: Create a communication platform to inform the community and stakeholders the availability of meal service for the various learning models and collect feedback from scholars (GVPE 7.1)


Initiative 4.1.2: Implement organizational practices to adapt to the constant changes in the food supply chain.


Action Step 4.1.2a: Re-evaluate food sources and procurement practices (GVPE 7.1)


Action Step 4.1.2b: Expand the distribution capacity by efficiently utilizing the central warehouse


Performance Objective 4.2:  From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will ensure all eligible students have access to transportation in an equitable and cost effective operating system.


Initiative 4.2.1: Ensure that routing, timekeeping, and tracking systems are operating at a high level supporting on time deliveries within budget.


Action Step 4.2.1a: Upgrade and implement new systems infrastructure


Action Step 4.2.1b: Improve parent portal access through integration of a new system and website redesign


Initiative 4.2.2: Upgrade bus fleet to ensure compliance with DOT regulations and meet growing demands on the transportation network.


Action Step 4.2.2a:  Reorganize shop operations


Action Step 4.2.2b:  Cycle in new buses to replace aging units


Performance Objective 4.3: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will decrease the number and/or percent of discipline infractions and create access to behavioral interventions


Initiative 4.3.1: Develop, implement, monitor, and support a systematic discipline improvement strategy


Action Step 4.3.1a: Implement, monitor, and support the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) model at elementary, middle, and high schools as part of the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework (GVPE 8.1, 8.2)


Action Step 4.3.1b: Train internal and external stakeholders on the district’s Circle of Support (GVPE 4.1)


Action Step 4.3.1c: Train internal and external stakeholders on restorative justice practices (GVPE 4.1)


Performance Objective 4.4: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will increase access for all students to emotional wellness, academic, and behavioral health interventions using the MTSS framework to improve the well-being of all students.


Initiative 4.4.1 Implement, monitor, and support a systematic Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework that supports equitable distribution of intervention resources for all students.


Action Step 4.4.1a: Implement and monitor the use of evidence based intervention strategies in all Tiers in order to increase student achievement and access to supports (GVPE 8.1)


Action Step 4.4.1b: Train internal and external stakeholders on the MTSS framework (GVPE 8.1, 8.2)


Action Step 4.4.1c: Implement and monitor the district’s well-being framework (S.P.A.R.K)  


Performance Objective 4.5:  From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will increase the number and/or percent of students absent less than 5 days.


Initiative 4.5.1: Implement, monitor, and support research-based strategies used to increase student attendance and engagement


Action Step 4.5.1a: Implement, monitor, and support the attendance protocol


Action Step 4.5.1b: Review and analyze attendance data monthly at the district and school levels


Performance Objective 4.6: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will develop a financial framework that supports financial stewardship, and awareness, support student, employee and community engagement.


Initiative 4.6.1: Implement, monitor, and support a robust financial structure that encourages strong fiscal health


Action Step 4.6.1a: Increase revenue


Action Step 4.6.1b: Reduce waste over five years to strengthen financial stewardship (GVPE 9.2, 9.3)


Action Step 4.6.1c: Increase opportunity for stakeholder engagement every year


Action Step 4.6.1d: Implement training opportunities that address financial awareness/financial risk


Action Step 4.6.1e: Strengthen case flow, implement data driven tools to help drive decisions


Action Step 4.6.1f: Review fiscal policies to ensure policies continue to support financial stewardship


Performance Objective 4.7: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will develop, implement and monitor a systemic peer mediation program in grades 4-12 to create a healthy, positive, and safe learning environment.


Initiative 4.7.1: Implement, and monitor the use of peer mediation programs to empower students to manage conflict, transform relationships and enhance school climate.


Action Step 4.7.1a:  Train school counselors and school leaders on Peer Mediation as a resource to empower students and improve school climate (GVPE 8.2)


Action Step 4.7.1b:  Support schools’ ability to identify and train student peer mediators (GVPE 8.2)


Action Step 4.7.1c:  Monitor use of Peer Mediation and its impact on conflict resolution (GVPE 8.2)


Action Step 4.7.1d:  Plan and implement an annual Peer Mediators Conference for CCPS students to support and enhance their skills in conflict resolution (GVPE 8.2)

Goal 5: Equitable Systems

To create and assess equity metrics that include dedicated resources, both fiscal and human capital, instructional programming, organizational structures, policies, etc.

Performance Objective 5.1: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools will develop definitive measures that reflect differentiation in how we assign resources to ensure that all students have access to a learning environment that meets their needs and promotes educational equity.


Initiative 5.1.1: Develop a deployment plan to initiate and sustain educational equity as a central focus for operational and instructional systems that ensure schools with the greatest needs will have priority access to the resources necessary to effectively serve its student population


Action Step 5.1.1a: Create an equity dashboard that compiles institutional data in an objective way and allows for reporting of disaggregation format and analyzing performance of student subgroups (GVPE 7.1, 7.2)


Action Step 5.1.1b: Design a performance-based professional learning system that addresses competencies related to equity and excellence in education (GVPE 7.4)


Action Step 5.1.1c: Train school-based and district-level leaders in equity and excellence in educational systems (GVPE 7.4)


Action Step 5.1.1d: Redesign or revise policies to intentionally dismantle inequitable, organizational practices and procedures (GVPE 7.1)


Initiative 5.1.2: Allocate District financial/fiscal, human resources, capital and temporal resources through data-driven, measured processes


Action Step 5.1.2a: Develop budget identification structures and processes that re-allocate funding to the neediest areas (GVPE 9.1)


Action Step 5.1.2b: Identify best practices that provide the appropriate staffing structures that support equitable practices and professional development for all staff (GVPE 9.2, 9.3)


Action Step 5.1.2c: Broaden the district’s current construction decision system to ensure that facilities services and structural renovations or upgrades are assessed utilizing an evaluative approach


Action Step 5.1.2d: Allocate temporal resources to maximize student performance and reduce the achievement gap, especially in special populations/subgroups (GVPE 9.3)

Goal 6: Education In and Through the Arts

To establish a creative district where scholars and the community have access to the arts and cultural experiences and resources that support collaborative and individual creative pursuits


Performance Objective 6.1: From 2021-2026, Clayton County Public Schools’ scholars will demonstrate their ability to become creative by participating in structured programs that reflect arts and culture.


Initiative 6.1.1: Schools and the district will provide workshops and masterclass opportunities for our students that will expose them to unique experiences in the arts.


Action Step 6.1.1a: Establish partnerships with local colleges, universities, technical colleges and organizations to provide diverse experiences to scholars who participate in the arts (GVPE 5.4)


Action Step 6.1.1b: Create an action plan to expand the genres that are offered within the district (GVPE 8.6)


Initiative 6.1.2: Students will be exposed to authentic multicultural learning opportunities (including literature across all content areas) to gain global perspectives. 


Action Step 6.1.2a: Create and implement a plan to enhance arts and cultural integration in all content areas


Action Step 6.1.2b: Expose students to local, state, and international multicultural experiences beyond the classroom to include virtual international experiences (GVPE 8.6)

Addendum: Performance Objectives Priorities 

The Cross Functional Team (CFT) met on January 27, 2022 to discuss the direction of the school system as it relates to the Strategic Improvement Plan. Members of the Team selected four Performance Objectives that will be the priority of the district. (Please note that all items in the Strategic Improvement Plan are important and the district will show progress towards accomplishing all goals.)


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