CCPS STUDENT RECORD        discipline data dashboard


Welcome to the  Clayton County Public School’s Student Record –Discipline Data Dashboard (CCPS SR-DD Dashboard). Pursuant to the provisions of Senate Bill (SB) 42, the District will publish Student Disciplinary and Placement Actions on the CCPS SR-DD Dashboard on an annual basis while protecting our scholars’ personally identifiable information.

CCPS implements a Progressive Discipline Process which utilizes interventions to address inappropriate behaviors with the intent of teaching appropriate social behavior and minimizing exclusionary discipline practices. Our District is dedicated to working collaboratively with parents, guardians and other stakeholders to ensure a safe and orderly environment where teaching and learning are the priority.

                      SR- SDD 2022-2023 REPORT


                                       STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT AWARENESS PLAYBOOK                                     

CCPS Code of Conduct

 Clayton County Public Schools takes deliberate steps to expose  scholars  to the Student Code of Conduct to increase awareness and promote  appropriate behavior.