Joel and Tammy Dunaway

Prineville Oregon

Phone: 541-350-7544


I have done a variety of things in my life and have come full circle to pottery. I remember taking an art class in seventh grade and working with clay. Years later I saw a ceramics class offered at the college I was attending. I went into it determined to learn. I happily went through three years of ceramic classes, art history, art appreciation, drawing classes, and more. After college I apprenticed with a studio potter for a year and a production potter for 9 months. I started my own pottery business however at that point in life I was married with three children. Money was needed for the family and my business skills were limited so I shifted to construction and building houses with my father in law. After college I also was filling in at various churches preaching. At 27 I became an associate pastor then pastor of a small church at 29. I was bivocational as pastor and handyman. I shifted from handyman to working for our school district, driving a school bus… custodian… head custodian… subbing for maintenance… information technology… computer lab… and eventually a full time pastor for seventeen years. At age 58 I came back to being a potter. At this point in my life "Clay Therapy" is awesome!