Lux Intramural Athletics

Go Lux Lightning!

Prior to participating in athletics, all students must have a completed Parent Consent form on file at the school. This form will be live the first week of school and located here .

Students need to fill out the sign up form that is located on the intramural google classroom. This code is located on flyers in the school and in the school announcement slides in the cafeteria.

The same COVID-19 protocols we have in place during school hours will be followed during these before and after school activities.

Parents are reminded that Saturday morning activities are open only to those students who are participating in the activity. Students should not invite nonparticipating students to events due to space limitations.

Family members are encouraged to attend these events to support students who are involved. Please be mindful that some gyms are small and to allow all participants to have a family member spectator to adjust the number of your spectators accordingly.

7th and 8th Grade Intramural Athletics 

Intramural and extramural athletics are offered for middle school students in Lincoln Public Schools.  

Extramural competition between teams or individuals from all LPS middle schools is limited to seventh and eighth graders.  Check school newsletters for information.

All students are able to participate as teams are skill based in nature. Number of participants may dictate how many athletes end up on each team. No student will be denied participation unless they have broken the expectations listed to the right. 

For information on specific sports, use the menu at the top left.  

Expectations for Participants

1. All Lux school rules apply. 

2. Show up. Communicate absences to the Athletic Director.

3. Be Prepared. 

4. Work hard. 

5. Be Respectful.

6. Have Fun. 

7. Follow Practice and Game/Meet Schedules.  

A more detailed list of expectations can be found here and here.

Practice Information:

Please note what time practices end, this may vary by sport, however, most practices will end at 4:30 to 4:45.

Please pick up your athlete promptly. 

All athletes MUST exit from southwest exit (6th grade door).  Please pick them up there!

For more detailed practice information please see each sport's specific page.


Spectators and athletes please remember to follow the following rules:

Exhibit only positive verbal and non-verbal gestures toward the activity participants and other spectators.

Refrain from using inappropriate language

Maintain a proper perspective of losing and winning

Model appropriate behavior toward game officials

ONLY the participants and the coaches are allowed on the gym floor or playing field. Spectators must remain seated in the designated area for the full competition. This includes the end of the game, win or lose.        

For more detailed  information  on competitions please see each sport's specific page.