We know life is stressful in all kinds of ways.

And we're ready to help.

Signs of Suicide
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16 Ways to Manage Stress & Difficulties

Information for Parents

24/7 Hotlines & Crisis Supports

Your School Counselors

More than schedule changes and college planning, school counselors can help you problem solve and are your go-to for connecting to other mental health team staff.

London BerceyA - CL
Kali AlmondCM - GE
Amanda Tomes
Lindsey Augustine
Anders PetersonOM - SL
Tim Ernst
SM - Z

Your Mental Health Team

Mikayla Border
School Social Worker

  • Licensed Mental Health Provider (LMHP) and Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • Meets with students as they need—at school or over Zoom—around what's important to them

  • Helps families connect to local mental health providers for more regular support

  • Connects families to community resources for basic needs (food, housing, clothing)

Sharon Macholan
School Psychologist

  • Licensed Mental Health Provider (LMHP) and Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • Understands challenges of special education and atypical development

  • Short-term problem solving for mood regulation, personal conflict, gifted education struggles

  • Referrals to community providers for ongoing needs

Kay Holt
School Nurse

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Takes a holistic approach to all aspects of student health,

  • Supports students around any physical and mental health concerns

  • Helps students understand how mental and physical health are closely connected

  • Passionate about making sure students and families have accurate information and resources related to their wellness

Lauren Bush
Family Service Therapist

  • Licensed Mental Health Provider (LMHP)

  • Provides mental health therapy treatment through regular appointments with students

  • Services are at no cost to families

  • Meets with a limited caseload of students at Southwest and on Zoom (appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays)

Talk with a mental health team staff member for more details.