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Rethink Data Protection

The fundamental rule for an effective Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy is to classify data as it is created and shared

For many organizations data security initiatives quickly zoom on controlling access to data or encrypting data. What many overlook is that understanding and knowing the data is the foundation for data security. It’s meaningless to build a skyscraper on a foundation of sand and then be surprised when it falls down or sinks! Knowing the most valuable data creates stronger foundation for organization's data protection program. With many organizations switching to cloud now a days, it is increasingly important to gain insights on what data is leaving the organization and how it is being used. Clasefi enables creation of labels for data identity, thus helping organizations determine how to handle and secure data while is in use, transit and at rest.

Data Classification doesn't have to be complicated

Clasefi isn’t just another software. It doesn’t require lengthy installs, and you don’t have to move your data from platform to platform. With the touch of a button, you will be able to classify data according to your company's data classification procedures. Why wait? Want to learn how Clasefi - data classification for G Suite works? Install it from G Suite™ Marketplace today!

Identify - Classify - Protect

Most Valuable Data in G Suite

Clasefi helps you gain visibility on data, allowing you to find answers for critical questions such as below and enables your organization successfully protect the data that matters most!

    • Who owns sensitive data

    • How it is being used

    • Who has access to it

    • How it is moved from point A to point B

    • What is the impact of losing it

Rapid Release

With our 'Rapid Release’ development strategy, you can depend on immediate access to the latest software & features.


Be your own safety net. Take charge of your data protection! With Clasefi protecting documents will become second nature.

Always there for you

No matter when and where you are working, whether it’s from your office or from the beach, Clasefi travels with your data.

CURIOUS about our Enterprise G Suite Data Classification Solution?

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