Mrs. McClorey

Credentials and work experience:

I have a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and have worked with children for over 20 years. This is my 5th school year at ECC.

Five things about me:

  1. I live in Clarkston and my children attend Clarkston schools. I love our community.
  2. I love to travel. We travel all summer for my boys sports teams.
  3. I like to read.
  4. I enjoy working with children.
  5. My family is always busy with school, work and sports schedules.

What I love most about my profession:

The best part of being a preschool teacher is being part of my students first school experience. I get to watch and be part of many “firsts” in their school life. My greatest hope as a preschool teacher is that the kids in my class feel safe and loved, and that I am able to instill a love of school. The best part of my days are when I see a child’s eyes light up when they try or learn something new. I get as excited as the kids when they suddenly are able do something they weren’t able to do before! I love to watch their confidence grow as they learn to do things on their own and become more independent.