CMI Lab @ Clarkson University

A Collaborative Multidisciplinary Initiative

Welcome to the Sur Group website!

Here at the CMI Lab, we started our journey to understand Cell-Material Interactions in the context of therapeutic applications. We wanted to collaborate with material scientists and chemists to study how newly discovered molecules and materials exert their intended effects. We feel extremely lucky to establish connections with several leading groups in the field and test novel, diverse classes of molecules. While this work still remains a core focus in the group, new collaborative opportunities enabled us to explore very different directions. Today our philosophy is primarily driven by a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Initiative with the common goal to improve human health. We are currently working (in collaboration) in three major directions:

  • Study cellular interactions with novel materials and molecules with an emphasis on capturing the dynamic changes in the cell behavior
  • Predict the microbial pathogen content in air from real-time air quality monitoring
  • Investigate Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in a rural north country landscape, specifically the impact of comorbid conditions, socioeconomic factors, and access to health care on the disease outcome