Doug May

About me:

Hello, I have changed positions. After 20 years in the classroom, I have moved to the Phys. Ed. department. I graduated in 1996 with a double major from Simpson College(Elementary Ed K-6 and Phys. Ed. K-12) Up until this year, I last taught PE during my student teaching. I am loving the change. I miss the contact of not having a homeroom class, but now I have 725 students to in which to make connections!

I am married to Shelly since 1989. We have 4 kids: Amantha (Eric), Allyssa, Ariella, and Zethann. We also have 4 grandsons that belong to Amantha and Eric. I also have a twin brother that teaches at Clarke as well.

I coach three middle school sports: Football, Wrestling, and Track. My favorite to coach is the one that is going on at that time. I am a sports nut. I love the Cubs, Steelers and Iowa State Athletics.