Sole Source Vendor

CKEC has procured group pricing for the following vendors. CKEC is providing the sole source letter from the vendor. Districts would need to document sole source vending under Model Procurement KRS 45A. Below is the Department of Justice Sole Source checklist for purposes of making a sole source determination through a federal grant. Districts will make an individual determination of sole source status. Districts must be a general education member in order to access group pricing. Please Refer to the below Single Source checklist for determination assistance.

DOJ Single Source Checklist

The Pass survey allows schools to identify SEL barriers, generate multi-level reports and create proactive interventions across the nine PASS attitudinal factors.

PASS Sole Source Letter

Pass Consortium Pricing

Boardworks is the only interactive, supplemental, K-12 library of over 25,000 unique activities that are fully aligned to the Kentucky Standards for Math, Science, History and ELA with a one-time purchase model that provides a district wide lifetime license.

BoardWorks Sole Source Letter