CKEC Snapshots 

Welcome to CKEC Snapshots. These are quick one page personalized learning resources on specific topics. There is no PD or EILA credit available for the Snapshots

Click on the picture of the Snapshot to access the content. 

Adapted Books.pdf
Alternatives to Suspensions.pdf
Apps for AT.pdf
Apps for Dyslexia (1).pdf
Apps for Notetaking.pdf
Apps for the Visually Impaired.pdf
Assessing Deeper Learning (1).pdf
Behavior Ratio of Interactions Snapshot.pdf
Bullying Snapshot (3).pdf
Collaborative Problem Solving Snapshot.pdf
Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.pdf.pdf-3.pdf
CSA Snapshot.pdf
Decodable Text.pdf
Developing an Academic Mindset Snapshot.pdf
Eliciting ResponsesEngagement (6).pdf
Emotional Safety.pdf
Engagement devices.pdf
Executive Functioning Snapshot.pdf
Following Written and Oral Directions Snapshot.pdf
Goal Setting Snapshot .pdf
Independent Work Systems.pdf
Math Running Records Snapshot.pdf
Mnemonic Strategies Snapshot.pdf
MTSS Overview.pdf.pdf-3.pdf
Practice in Math Snapshot.pdf
Psychological Safety.pdf
reading assessments (1).pdf
Retrieval Practice Snapshot (1).pdf
Scaffolding Snapshot.pdf
SEL for Students with Cognitive Disabilities.pdf
Social Narratives.pdf
Student Centered Feedback Protocols
Systematically Designing Instruction for a Specific Learning Goal (4).pdf
Systematic Instruction - Chained Tasks.pdf
Systematic Instruction - Discrete Tasks.pdf
Tech SPED PD (1).pdf
Thinking Routines and Pathways for DL Snapshot.pdf
Tips for School Leaders (2).pdf
Transition Agency Involvement and Consent.pdf
Transition Assessment Snapshot.pdf
Transition Multi-Year Course of Study.pdf
Transition Post Secondary Goals Snapshot (1).pdf
Transition Student Involvement (1).pdf
Visual Supports (updated).pdf
What is Deeper Learning.pdf
Writing Notebook Work (1) (1).pdf