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Have A Target

You can't hit your target if you don't have one.

Follow A List

Plan your steps and follow your list

Promote your Site

Help Google find you by promoting your site on Social

"SEO" is Search Engine Optimisation - of your website. To get started, follow the website support list below.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting and Security
  • Email Hosting and Security
  • Cloud Document Secure Hosting
  • Website Creation (WordPress) + Sucuri
  • Google Adwords + AHREFS
  • Facebook Marketing (Free and PPC)
  • Analytics and SEO Reports
  • Detailed SEO To Do Lists

Have A Target

What targets can be measured and make a difference to your performance. Remember, people will behave based on how they are measured. A productive place to start is a time based measurement. Working on a site everyday for one hour, will mean that you are making continuous improvement towards your target. A productivity measurement can be to review 10 pages per day, in this way you can measure the time it will take to complete a site. An application based approach can be achieved by using online applications to continuously review your site and then you pick the most significant change that can have the most impact.

Follow A List

Once you have your target established, create a list of items to be completed and tick your list. This approach will help you stay on track and also show you the amount of work you have achieved and the work still required to achieve you goal. The tick your list approach gets results as long as you spend the time initially to be thorough with your list. If you have to continuously go back and modify your list, you will become disappointed because it is like taking one step forward and two steps back. The final thing I would like to say about having a list is that the next time you want to follow this process, simply duplicate and update your list, you will eventually become very efficient and productive because all steps will be on your list.

Promote your site.

Promote you site with every opportunity you can so that all your good work on site content and internal page SEO can be found by your audience. There is very little excitement for you when a page that you have done so much work on is not found by an audience. Start at the beginning and this time create a target for your marketing and create a list of activity to follow to get the word out about your site. The same positive results will be achieved and again you will have a polished process to follow with marketing your next page.

Marketing Checklist

Backlinks: Your audience will find you by word of mouth. On the internet, word of mouth is known as backlinks. When you visit a site and it has a link to another site for you to follow, the link is refered to as a backlink. The more links you have refering to your site, the better is the chance of your audience finding you. What is important about a backlink.

The link text needs to say what the link is refering too. If the link is a button with text as "link", than it is pretty much useless. If the button text was "Get a Ucard", then at least you would think that by clicking the button you were going to get a Ucard.

Cheat: I do mean cheat. There is an easy way to do this and a hard way to do this. The easy way to do this is to cheat. Look at the work your cometition has done and cheat. Just like when you were in school and you use to look at the person's answers next to you. Cheat!

What are they doing on the internet, their facebook page, their instagram account, their ebooks and marketing material. Find out what and who your competion is, and cheat.

Do it better. Look at their backlinks and their centres of influence and copy them.

Sure you will still have to create unique content and unique backlinks to be better than they are, but at least you will know what works and what doesn't.

Make sure your unique content can be identified in search. Concentrate on the following.

  • Title
  • URL / SLUG
  • Meta Description
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Keyword identification and placement
  • Image Alt Attributes