South Lake Tahoe Police Canine Association

Welcome to our webpage, it is currently under construction. It is our hope to have it up and running here in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for updates. - Quatro, Tara & Ricci. 7/19/18


Tara had surgery on 7/18/18 and all went well. On 7/19/18 she was up, moving around, and ate breakfast. Sergeant Cheney will be taking her home mid afternoon for her to rest and recover from home.

We have had multiple people reach out asking how they can support Tara's surgery and recovery. We have created a donation link on this webpage, listed below and in our web store, to provide donation through the website. Our mailing address will be listed below.

Now that Tara had retired, Sergeant Cheney is on the hook for all of the medical bills. SLTPCA supplements the cost of medical bills through the sales of our K9 Hero's, and donations for the specific cause. We have had an outpouring of support of people asking how they can donate, and the love and generosity is amazing.

Mail in Donation:


P.O Box 17071

South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96151

Online Donation: