Kilgore Bulldogs Against Drugs

Kilgore Independent School District has partnered with the Kilgore Police Department to bring KBAD into the schools. KBAD (Kilgore Bulldogs Against Drugs), similar to the now-retired program KYSSED, is a great program that we have implemented to provide students with more education and incentives to stay away from harmful substances, including drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. KBAD is a voluntary program that students can choose to sign up for that would give them individual discounts and opportunities if they submit to more random drug testing than what is already occurring at the school. 

As long as the students are found to be staying clear of these substances, they will be able to maintain KBAD cards that give discounts and buy-one-get-one perks at participating businesses in the city (listed at the bottom). All participating businesses will have a KBAD sign in their window or door.

If you are a student and wish to join this program or are the parent of a student and want your child involved, contact one of your School Resource Officers.

Businesses currently participating:

Several other businesses are pending approval and will be involved soon! Keep in mind, these discounts are only for the chains inside the City of Kilgore and will not be honored in other cities.