Mrs Pierce's Class


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What Will you learn this year??

  1. Growing Pains for the US--The Gilded Age 1877-1898
  2. Reforming America--the Progressive Era 1898-1920
  3. Emergence as a World Power--Spanish American and the First World War 1898-1920
  4. Boom Time--1920s America--1920-1929
  5. Economic Bust--The Great Depression 1929-1939
  6. Total War--The Second World War 1939-1945
  7. Differing Ideologies--The Cold War 1945-1970s
  8. Liberty and Justice for All--Civil Rights Movement 1945-1970s
  9. A Growing World Presence--New National Directions 1970-1990
  10. A New Century Turns--History During Our Own Lives 1990-Present
  11. Ever-Changing America--Yesterday's Challenges and Today's Opportunities