Global Millennial Project

Ms. Ajay Pittman of Oklahoma City introduces the Global Millennial Project (GMP) as a Global community service project that is designed to be a one stop shop for Millennials to use evidence based research, and become exposed to success stories that will inspire and influence global citizens to strive for abundance in their lives.

The mission of The Global Millennial Project: to educate, advocate, and link millennials to a network of services for everyday living. Our project uses education, employment, and economic development to further enhance the lives of the next generation.

Our GMP vision: To help millennials see beyond life’s obstacles, and develop plans for living a better life. The Global Millennial Project focuses on giving millennials the proper tools to navigate the obstacles of everyday life.

The GMP Culture: We see a lack of information being provided to millennials. Communities, society, and the traditional education system, do not provide what is needed for millennials to excel. With such a large population of first generation college students as well as single parent household students, millennials don’t always receive the necessary information.

Our GMP Goal: Our goal is to refer, advocate and link global citizens to resources that can be utilize as consumers who are searching for a better life.