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What is INDE?

Confidence - Creativity - Teamwork

The simple answer is that STEM-D / Innovation & Design, is a central hub connecting all subjects and disciplines that allows students to take risks, make mistakes, and test their own ideas. Here, students are free from judgement and collaboration is the norm.

In "real life", people work in teams, make mistakes, and work to solve problems in new ways. INDE gives students a safe place to work on problems the way we do in the "real world". Students leave PVC better equipped to use their knowledge and advance with confidence in their future endeavors.

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What is it LIKE

in the INDE Lab?

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The Design Thinking Process

We use the Design Thinking Process to solve problems. The DTP is used by scientists, companies, and universities world wide. Now PVC tigers will train in this powerful method as well!

EMPATHY asks that students learn about the experience and needs of an intended user. Understanding the actual experience leads to innovative solutions.

The DEFINE stage clarifies the observation made during Empathy work into a focussed need. We define the specific problem we will develop solutions for.

When we IDEATE, we let it rip! During brainstorming, quantity is far more important than quality here. Let the ideas flow!

When we have viable idea, we PROTYPE it! Create a blueprint, get feedback, and identify possible materials. Then....BUILD IT!

Finally we TEST it, fail, analyze, iterate, upgrade, and test again (then repeat).

What problems do you notice? How can you solve them simply?

About me


I'm Mr. Molloy, your friendly neighborhood INDE teacher. My goal is to help students break out and become powerful, insightful, team members offering innovative solutions to real world problems.

I have served as an educator in New York and in the UAE of nearly 20 years. In that time I have worked with technology, special needs, gifted/talented, and innovation/design. I have piloted new programs, open new schools, and advised the UAE government on SEN development and teacher evaluation protocols.