Our Journey With Student 1:1 Devices In District 117

Our Mission is to Ignite Passion and Discovery In EVERY Student

During the 2018-2019 school year, Community High School District 117 has launched its 1:1 Chromebook Program, which provides every student at Antioch and Lakes High School with a school-owned Chromebook computer not only to use in class but also to take home.

Our goal is to prepare students for their future: a global, digital world where they will be expected to use information and technology to create, examine, explore, communicate, and collaborate. Technology in the classroom helps students solve problems, gather and evaluate information, and disseminate work efficiently, through learning that is either self-paced and individualized or collaborative and cooperative. Using technology in the classroom expands the possibilities of teaching and learning.

Using 1:1 technology is the first step in enabling our students to become responsible, productive, and innovative lifelong learners.

Learning Has Gone Google!

Check out this new video from Google for Education. This is how we learn!

The 1:1 How

Over time we are able to phase out our District desktops to provide the appropriate transition for student devices in the classroom. There will be an overlap in timing during which the classroom desktops will remain, but the District will shift some of it's resources and dedicate funding for student device access.

Teachers in District 117 have had laptops since 2014 and they will continue to leverage their staff issued laptops and the new student Chromebooks in the classroom.

Check out our recent parent communication!

This was presented at a joint Booster Club meeting on May 2, 2018 held at the Lakes Community High School Learning Center.

Our District 117 Superintendent Jim McKay, Technology Director Ryan Miles, and our Antioch High School Social Studies Department Chair Jaclyn Orlov presented this information and fielded many questions. Check out our FAQ section to learn more!

1:1 Communication Presentation for Parents