Flash Classic

2020 Flash Classic - July 18-19

2020 Flash Classic Update - June 20

The 2020 Flash Classic has been cancelled. On Friday June 19 I learned that Casper Park would not be available for us to use for the Flash tournament this year. This was a decision that was made by the City of Chippewa Falls and it was also decided that the city pool, splash pad, and petting zoo at Irvine Park would not open this year. Casper Park will still be available for practice and potentially some games with limited people attending but they did not approve of a tournament being run. The Village of Lake Hallie has not yet officially approved our tournament, however with league and the Hallie Elite tournament being approved it is probable that it would be approved with the same guidelines that are in place for league and the tournament. We considered many options including running only 14, 16, and 18 and Under divisions at Hallie Park, running a tournament with only local teams, and not running the event at all. After carefully considering everything involved we decided that we will not be running the Flash tournament this year. We realized that we cannot meet all the safety guidelines and recommendations to run this event safely. This was not an easy decision and was not one that I made without lots of thought and consideration. I hope that we have given your team enough time to find another event if your team is interested. This would have been the 21st year of the Flash tournament and I hope that you decide to come to the 2021 Flash Classic next July.

Hotel Information

It is a very busy weekend in the Chippewa Valley. Here are some links to area visitor centers which has hotel information posted on it. Book hotels early !

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