Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries


Last Update: January 2022

General Information

This website gives high school students access to hundreds of scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply to as many scholarships that they qualify for with thoughtful and polished applications. These pages are updated regularly so be aware of deadlines and check back frequently.

  • Scholarships are listed by the application deadline

  • Apply early

  • Students are encouraged to complete the Chinook School Division's Scholarship 101 Worksheet

New scholarships and bursaries are continually being created. One of the easiest places to search is by creating a profile through Scholarships Canada. Once you have created a profile they will sort and send you applicable scholarships as the deadline approaches.

Criteria for Consideration

Not all scholarships, bursaries, and awards are granted based entirely on academic achievement. Many are awarded for various other criteria such as interests, family connections (military, cultural, employees, etc), entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, leadership, and many other reasons.

This list is extensive but not comprehensive. Students and parents should continue to search for other scholarships.

Entrance Awards

Check with your post-secondary institution or workplace for available awards. Many post-secondary institutions have an automatic award application for students who meet the deadline, while other awards are by application. Be sure to check out those institution websites.

School and Local Community

Communities and schools will often have a list of potential awards for graduating students. Check with your school as these are specific to each school and community and posted to the graduating class.

Public Scholarships

Students can access more scholarships from these websites. Students can create profiles and will then be matched to applicable scholarships. Some of these sites will email the scholarship information to students with reminders as the deadline approaches. Some of these sites allow students to apply directly from the site itself.

  • Scholarships Canada - Sign up and have them send suggested scholarships directly to you based on your profile.

  • Saskatchewan Scholarships, Bursaries, and Grants - Find information and applications available specifically to Saskatchewan students.

  • Unigo - Sign up and use the scholarship match to find out what scholarships you could qualify for.

  • School Finder - Search the extensive database fo find scholarships, student awards, bursaries, and grants. There is also information about student loans, applications, and budget planning.

  • Scholar Tree - Canadian students can create a student profile, get matched to scholarships, and apply.

Great Plains College

Students interested in taking their post-secondary education locally are encouraged to pursue the many funding supports available from Great Plains College.

Students are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship when applying to a full-time student loan eligible program before the scholarship deadline. Applicants must pay an application fee ($55 in 2020) and submit the most current transcripts for the application to be considered.