China Spring ISD

"Technology will never replace GREAT TEACHERS, but technology in the hands of Great Teachers can be TRANSFORMATIONAL!" - George Couros

Welcome to the China Spring ISD

Instructional Technology Resource Page!

I am Melissa Adams, and I am your new Instructional Technologist for CSISD. I am excited to start this year in my new role. This will be my 15th year here at China Spring ISD, I have spent then past 14 years in the classroom teaching 3rd grade. During that time I have been integrating and using technology, innovative teaching, and collaborative learning techniques, to inspire and teach my students. I LOVE being in the classroom, and seeing students excited to learn. In addition to teaching and implementing in my own classroom, I am also a Apple Certified Educator, Google Certified Teacher, part of the CILD team for the past 3 years, as well as part of the WeTeach Computer Science Collaborative.

My goal is to help all teachers integrate something new in their classroom this year, wether it be one new idea or revitalizing the entire way you teach, I want to help you, teach you, and work in conjunction with you to help you reach ALL students in a new and innovative way.

A little about me! I grew up in the Waco area, and have been married to my husband Larry for almost 19 years. Together we have three children that attend CSISD, Marshall is a Senior this year, Mitchell is an 8th grader, and Maddilyn is in 2nd grade. I love the beach, am a night OWL, enjoy selling Thirty-One, and helping my oldest son in his Texas Snow Waco shaved Ice business. I also love all things technology, I am always reading, googling, and figuring out new ways to make learning and teaching easier, fun and more engaging! I may not always have all the answers, but I will find the answer and figure it out!

I look forward to helping each of you bring something new into your classroom this year. Please do not hesitate to contact me for an idea, or ask me to help you write a lesson plan incorporating innovative ideas and/or technology into it. I would also LOVE to co-teach lessons and push-in to the classrooms.

Here are a few things that I can do to support you in your classroom

Instructional Planning

I can share ideas for implementing technology, and help you plan lessons that are engaging and help your students master essential knowledge ad skills.

Team Teaching

Let me TEACH with you for a day! Together we can work to differentiate instruction and ensure that students get the individual instruction that they need!


Let me join in and listen during PLC's. When great minds and ideas come together great things can happen. Sometimes analyzing data, or coming up with an implementation plan can be improved with current technology!

Learning & Growing

What are you interested in learning? I can teach you innovative ways to integrate technology and increase students engagement and achievement. I can teach you one on one, grade levels, groups of teachers, all the way to entire campuses.

Coaching and Mentoring

Don't know where to start? Let me come in and observe your classroom. Afterwards we can debrief and discuss my observations and your frustrations and concerns. I am not there to evaluate or grade you, only there to observe so I can offer you stress-free coaching & mentoring!