Red Chile Enchiladas

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Classic Northern New Mexico Red Chile Enchiladas

(Chicken, Beef, shrimp or Vegetable)


  • 1lb - Meat of Your your choice prepared just the way you like it.


  • 2 - Small Cloves Garlic (finely chopped)

  • 1/4 Teaspoon - Salt

  • 1/4 Teaspoon - Sugar

Other ingredients:

  • 1 Dozen - Corn Tortillas

  • 1lb - Mild or Medium Cheddar Cheese (grated)

  • 1 - White Onion (coarsely chopped)

  • 1 - Ripe Tomato (coarsely chopped)

  • 1/4 Head - Ice-burg Lettuce (shredded)

  • 1/4lb - Butter (olive oil may be substituted)

  • 1 - 15oz Can of Pureed Tomatoes

  • 1 - 15oz Can of Chicken or Vegetable Stock


Red Chile:

  • Get a large, cast-iron skillet hot. Add your butter or olive-oil and saute the garlic until it starts to become translucent.

  • Add your chile to the pan and stir briefly. Pour in the stock and bring to a simmer.

  • Add the salt and sugar to now you should know more or less how hot (spicy) your chile is. Add tomato puree to balance the heat to taste. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

This perfect red chile sauce is delicious on enchiladas, eggs, burritos, and just about anything else!


  • Warm the flour tortillas just enough to make them flexible (you may use a microwave or just warm them in a pan)

  • Fill the tortillas with meat, cheese and some of the onions (optional); roll them into enchiladas one by one and place them in a medium sized Pyrex or tin baking dish with 1.5" tall sides.

  • Once the baking dish is full, pour the Red Chile Sauce over the enchiladas until they are just barely covered. Sprinkle more grated cheese over the top and place them in the oven for approximately 25 minutes at around 375 degrees farenhiet.

  • Remove from oven and allow to cool then garnish with shredded lettuce and chopped ripe tomatoes and the rest of the onions (optional).

  • Serve sides of your choice of beans and/or rice.