welcome to linslade school

Our Open Evening will run from 5:30 to 8.00pm on Tuesday 14th November. 

You will have the opportunity to speak to our EPIC staff and students, explore the school, try out lots of fun activities and find out about all the different subjects on offer.

Personal Tour of the school - We are also offering personal tours of the school. The Open Week will take place week commencing 20th November with tours at 9am, 10am and 11.30pm. . This will give parents an opportunity to see our EPIC school in full flow. If you would like a personal tour of the school on one of these days, please email admissions2023@linsladeac.co.uk.

Choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision and we want to give you every opportunity to be able to make the right decision for your child’s future. 

Finally, if you have a question and cannot find the answer, please ring the school on 01525 372640.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mr Gibbs

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Frequently asked questions

These are the most common questions we are asked, and all the things we would normally discuss at our parents’ open evening.

Hopefully we have covered everything here, but if you have any further questions Please send us an email at admissions2023@linsladeac.co.uk and we will get in touch.

What if my child has Special Educational or medical needs?

Those children on the SEN register will have an Individual Education Plan put in place for them. Children who already have an EHCP will have support hours allocated to them and our SENCo will work with them to make sure we have everything we can in place to meet their needs.  You may have additional calls or meetings about this before term begins.

Care plans will be written for children with medical needs, which may be a standard form we send home, or the First Aid Coordinator may call you to put together a full care plan. Children with medical needs and educational needs are highlighted to all staff so wherever they are in the school the staff member will be aware of what they need.  Asthmatic children are encouraged to carry their own named inhaler and self administer, please also send a spare to the office if possible. For safety, all other medicines should be kept in the medical room. We provide medical passes for those who may need to go to the toilet frequently and early lunch passes for those who need it – for example timing medicines with meals.

What is the uniform?

Details can be found here.

Please put your child’s name on everything!

What do pupils need to bring to school?

All pupils must have a strong bag in which to carry their equipment to and from school.  This must be named.  School bags should be of a size that will accommodate A4 books and files.


Every pupil must have certain basic items of equipment in order to work effectively within school.  We recommend one pencil case including:


Can my child bring a mobile phone?

Children are allowed to bring mobile phones to school, however, they must be switched off and placed in their bag before entering the school site.  If a mobile phone is used at school, it will be confiscated and a parent will be asked to collect this from the school office.

What is the Linslade Learning Toolkit used for?

All pupils are issued with a Linslade Learning Toolkit that covers the whole academic year.  The LLT contains a number of sections including: timetable, a day-by-day diary and information designed to support learning.  Parents/carers are asked to check their child’s LLT on a regular weekly basis.  There is also a space for comments and it is a useful first point of contact between home and school.

What happens if my child loses something?

All items of clothing and equipment must be clearly marked with your child’s name.  If they are not, tracing losses becomes almost impossible.  We recommend the use of woven name tapes for clothing and indelible marking on other items. Please ensure these are placed in an obvious place. When found, lost property is handed in at the main school office. This should be your child’s first port of call, after having retraced their steps in an attempt to locate a lost item. Where possible, property is returned to the rightful owner. We also advise that no valuables, expensive items or large sums of money are brought to school.

What happens at lunchtime?

Children can bring a packed lunch or buy a school dinner. Our newly refurbished dining hall makes children’s dining experience bright and bold, with exciting menus and various food themes throughout the term.

Will my child be given homework?

We believe homework plays a vital part in reinforcing the work done in class and is one of the best ways in which pupils can learn how to become more independent learners.  Homework will always be meaningful and we expect it to be completed properly.  This requires a quiet space, a table or desk to work at and freedom from the competition of other distractions. 


Developing regular homework habits is a key area where parents/carers can make an essential contribution to their child’s progress. We will work closely with families whose child shows evidence of struggling in this area. Please contact your son/daughter’s form tutor in the first instance if you have any questions or concerns regarding homework. 

Leadership Team

The Academy's ethos, aims and whole school objectives are driven forwards by the Senior Leadership Team. Each member of the team has specific responsibilities as described in the brief descriptions below, and also manages a group of academic subject departments or other staff teams.

Find out more about each Senior Leader and the work of the team by clicking below.

Mark Gibbs, Headteacher

Brief Profile

Mark has been involved in a variety of teaching and learning roles since leaving school, qualifying as a professional Drama teacher 12 years ago. A fantastic teacher and leader (not his words) has allowed him to support and guide pupils to reach their goals and potential; he is passionate about improving the life opportunities of  students in his care. Having worked in a variety of educational establishments in several subjects, he has developed his leadership skills alongside teaching and learning techniques. A keen interest in pastoral and safeguarding aspects have allowed him to extend his knowledge and understanding, subsequently becoming an area of interest and expertise; as a result he has been involved in a number of very complex cases. He has worked and supported a number of schools with pastoral, behavioural and attendance issues; he is thoroughly enjoying working at Linslade for the Chiltern Learning Trust.

A very keen sportsman, a linguist, nature lover and supporter of the arts, he has 2 children also heavily involved in sports and therefore you will regularly see him and his wife on the side of a pitch/court/boundary. 

Qualifications and Experience

2020 - Present: Headteacher Linslade School

2019 - 2020: Joint Head of school - Linslade School

2009 - 2019: Associate Principal Behaviour and standards, Safeguarding Lead, Head of Year, Drama, History, PE and English teacher

2009 - 2011: Drama and English teacher Robert Bloomfield Middle school

2004 - 2007: Drama teacher and sports coach Bedford school 

Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Phil Stock, Head of School

Brief Profile

Phil is an outstanding teacher and leader with experience of leadership within a number of secondary and upper schools.  Phil has a legacy of achieving excellent results in Maths, Business, Finance and Economics from KS3 to KS5.  Phil has 10 years of experience of leadership in Safeguarding, Behaviour and Welfare; and is currently our Quality of Education Lead driving standards of Teaching and Learning and supporting Professional Development

Phil is quite frequently found reading, cooking and socialising with friends, in between spending time with his young family, his church and trying to slow the inevitable decline of his fitness as an ex-rugby player.

Qualifications and Experience

2020 - Present: Deputy Headteacher, Linslade School

2018 - 2020: Assistant Headteacher, Cedars Upper School

2015 - 2018: Head of Business Studies, Senior Head of House, Challney High School for Boys 

2012 - 2015: Head of House, Head of Careers, Teacher of Business Studies, Richard Hale School 

2009 - 2012: Senior Lecturer, The Alternative Programme, Hertford Regional College  

Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Paul Edwards, Assistant Headteacher

Brief Profile

Paul has been teaching for over 20 years and has worked in 6 Middle schools in Bedfordshire, holding leadership roles in 5 of them.  Starting as PE teacher he has now taught as well as PE, Maths, English, History, Geography, Religious Education, Sociology and PSHE.  At Linslade Paul is currently working on improving the attainment and standards that are achieved by our pupils as well as increasing the opportunity for children and removing barriers that they may have to their learning.

Qualifications and Experience

2018 - Present: Assistant Headteacher, Linslade School 

2010 - 2018: Head of Year, Robert Bloomfield Academy 

2009 - 2010: Headteacher Woodside Middle School  

2006 - 2009: Deputy Headteacher Mill Vale Middle School  

2000 - 2006: Head of year, Head of PE Holywell Middle School

1997 - 2000: Robert Bruce Middle School - PE and English 

Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Cat Parry, SENDCO

Brief Profile

Cat has worked in a wide range of educational settings in a variety of leadership roles that focussed on curriculum development and pastoral care. Prior to joining Linslade Cat was Head of Sixth Form at a large secondary school in Buckinghamshire where she was instrumental in raising aspirations and expectations of pupils at Post 16.

Cat joined Linslade in 2017 as Head of Humanities when her son joined reception at  local lower school. Cat has always had an interest in SEND  and she became our SENDCo in March on the day before ‘Lockdown One’. Through lockdown Cat was responsible for the very successful Parry Academy for key workers  and she thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility and challenge.

Cat loves her new role and is working hard to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to develop and succeed.

Qualifications and Experience

2020 - Present: SENDCo - Linslade School 

2017 - 2020: Head of Humanities - Linslade School 

2014 - 2017: Head of Sixth Form - Mandeville School

2012 - 2014: Head of House- Mandeville School

Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Emma Wassef, Head of KS2 English

Brief Profile

An outstanding and creative teacher who will motivate and inspire colleagues in all aspects of teaching and learning. Emma joined Linslade School in 2010 as her second career, after ten years of working in the hospitality industry in various leadership roles. 

Emma is committed to raising standards of achievement and behaviour for every child and providing children with enriched opportunities. With a strong commitment to teamwork and the pursuit of excellence and challenge for all, she and the Key Stage 2 Team have worked hard to create an environment for children where they feel safe and happy so that their individual, group and whole class learning journeys are challenging but effective, productive and progressive. Ultimately, progress and success develops at a faster pace from motivated children who are enjoying their learning.

Alongside the Head of KS2 role, Emma now leads English for Years 5 and 6 and looks forward to creating an ethos of high expectations and achievement for all.

Qualifications and Experience

September 2020 - Present: Head of English (KS2)  

2017 - Present: Head of KS2

2015 - 2016: Acting Head of The Arts 

2013 - 2014: NQT mentor

2010 - 2012: Teacher

Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Beatrix Jones, Head of Maths

Brief Profile

Beatrix is an outstanding maths teacher and leader with a drive to achieve excellence.  She gained her teaching qualifications from studying at universities in Hungary before arriving in the UK in 2003 where she pursued her teaching career further. She has 17 years of experience as a teacher and leader in mathematics of all key stages through working in Secondary, Primary and now Middle School.  

She has an outstanding record of supporting pupils in obtaining their targeted or exceeded results in GCSE and SATs. Past experience has seen her responsible for leading teaching and learning in the maths department for several years and Leading Numeracy across the curriculum in a Secondary School. As a Lead Practitioner, part of the role was to coach teachers to deliver outstanding lessons and improve pupils’ outcome. She has been the Head of the Maths department at Linslade School for the past 5 years, an achievement she is extremely proud of. Her ethos is to lead by example.

Qualifications and Experience

January 2015 - Present: Head of Maths - Linslade School

2013 - 2015: Leading Practitioner - Belmore Primary Academy

2010 - 2013: Numeracy Coordinator - Barnhill Community High

2005 - 2010: Member of the School Improvement Group/ Leading teaching and learning within the maths department- Barnhill Community High 

2001 - 2003: Music and Maths teacher - Hungary 

Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Anna Mead, Associate Assistant Head at Linslade School

Brief Profile 

Anna has extensive teaching and leadership experience in Leighton Buzzard schools and has a legacy of leading science departments to outstanding results. Over the course of her 30+ years, she has taught science, maths, STEM, applied science and chemistry from KS2 to KS5. She is skilful in developing other teachers and is an extremely dedicated practitioner who thrives on improving her own and others’ practice. Anna is passionate about teaching and learning and leads the school’s professional development and ‘Journal Club’. As the school’s Early Career Teacher (ECT) Induction Tutor, she brilliantly supports the mentors and Early Career Teachers and continues to support the teachers as they progress in their career. She has a pivotal role within the Chiltern Learning Trust as the Primary Science Subject Knowledge Expert, and the lead tutor for the Primary Science Initial Teacher Training programme.

Qualifications and Experience


Strategic Leadership and School Improvement

Hobbies and Interests

Jess Rolt, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Brief Profile 

Jess has vast range of experience in safeguarding working within both social care and educational settings, which has enabled Jess to develop and build great community links with external agencies to support students and families. Jess brings a holistic view on what is best for our students to support then to reach there best outcomes both in their learning but socially and emotionally. Jess has 12 years of experience in Safeguarding, Children’s Mental health, Pastoral and Welfare and is currently our Prevent and Senior Mental Health lead for the school. Jess will continue to work with students, staff and parents to build and develop a strong culture of safeguarding within Linslade.

Qualifications and Experience

 2021 - Present: Designated Safeguarding Lead, Student support manager Linslade School

2019 - 2021: Family Centre Head, Designated safeguarding lead, Daisychain Family Centre

2015 - 2019: Senior Family support worker, Deputy designated safeguarding lead, Water Hall Primary School.

2011 - 2015: Family support worker, Early help intervention outreach officer, Central Bedfordshire Council and Children’s Centres


Strategic Leadership and School Improvement


Hobbies and Interests