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Exploring Computer Science

course overview

This semester, students learned about the fundamentals of computing. Students practiced advanced internet search techniques, now a crucial life skill. We covered the essential hardware components of computers: CPUs, hard drives, RAM, and input peripherals. Then students delved into coding!

Students have worked in two visual programming languages, Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode. Over the semester, students created several computer programs. This website demonstrates the culmination of their semester's work.

Exhibition projects

Semester 1

Using Microsoft's MakeCode Arcade, students learned how to create video games this quarter. Using MakeCode, students explored core game-programming concepts, like loops and sprites. Students combined coding, art, music, and storytelling to create a game that they can play in a web browser or handheld console.

You can view your student's project by searching for their name at the top of the website. And we invite you to play all of the students' games from this semester!

Semester 2

During the second semester, students utilized online resources to research different careers in technology. To demonstrate what they learned about tech careers, students created a website to show off their research. Students gained hands-on experience styling web pages and utilizing Google Fonts using HTML and CSS.

Featured Semester 1 Demo

In seventh period, Team DaGOATs created a game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's.

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