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Class overview

I teach 6th grade Introduction to Computers, 7th grade Intermediate Computers, and 8th Introduction to Multimedia. You should expect to learn the following topics and more this semester.

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Touch Typing Technique Internet Safety Soft Skills

Increase Typing Speed Document Formatting Image/Audio Effects

Netiquette Presentation Skills Various Types of Media

Computer Hardware/Software Piracy Career Technical Student Org.

Internet Safety Blockly Coding Blog/Journal

Types of Computer Viruses Google and MS Suite Social Media Etiquette

Blockly Coding School Digital Applications No Experience Resume

About me

My name is Mr. Miller. I have two daughters (Kennedy & Jamison), and I am married to Mrs. Miller who teaches 6th grade math down the hall. I love technology, coding, and robotics. Being able to take what I love and share it with others was the inspiration for me to go into education. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Master's Degree in Educational Technology & Online Instruction. I am excited about all the technology things we will learn this semester. I look forward to you being a part of my class.


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Schedule and Calendar Events

Daily Schedule

7:15 am Report to Homeroom/Breakfast

7:50 am - 7:55 am Homeroom

7:55 am - 9:10 am 8th Grade

9:12 am -10:27 am Planning

10:29 am - 10:59 am Lunch

11:03 am - 12:18 pm 7th Grade

12:20 pm - 1:35 pm 6th Grade

1:37 pm - 2:52 pm Virtual Class

2:55 pm Dismissal

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