Chester Academic Assistance Program 


Math CAAP at Dickerson Elementary & Bragg Intermediate School

What is CAAP?

The Chester Academic Assistance Program (CAAP) has been established to assist students who need supplemental instruction to improve and maintain proficiency in ELA and Math both inside and outside the classroom.  The CAAP Team will offer push in and/or pull out  support to best meet the needs of your child.

Math CAAP is designed to provide support for those who need practice with number sense and computational skills.  CAAP team members and teachers collaborate to see who would benefit from this support. Students learn different strategies and techniques to help build the foundational skills they need in math.  All students are monitored throughout the year. It is a fluid program which allows students to come in and out of the class as needed.  The goal is build upon these foundational skills to help them become more confident learners in the classroom.  


The CAAP team of teachers work collaboratively with the classroom teachers to develop a program to best meet the developmental needs of each students. This instruction may be in-class or in a small group outside the classroom.  The instruction is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and is consistent with the research-based content of our Mathematics program.

Chester School District  

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The Chester School District is dedicated to maximizing all students’ potential for success.  In order to address the needs of all its students, the CAAP program has been established to assist students who need supplemental instruction to improve and maintain proficiency.  This assistance is designed to complement and not replace mathematics instruction in the classroom.  It is the intention of this program to provide enough support for the children to develop a self-extending system and get the necessary assistance in skills needed to become independent learners.


As a school-wide program, all students are eligible for services based on need.  Their needs are established by reviewing multiple criteria such as:

Evaluation takes place on an ongoing basis. Based on updated information regarding a student’s progress, children enter and/or exit the program as their needs warrant.  Monthly Literacy/Math Intervention Team Meetings among the CAAP team are held to discuss progress and brainstorm effective practices to best support children as needed.

Math CAAP Team


Mrs. Lauren Freund (Dickerson & Bragg)

Mrs. Patricia Lewis (Bragg)


Mrs. Melissa Fair-Esposito, Dickerson Principal

Mr. Michael DeLoreto, Bragg Principal

Mr. Brad Currie, Title 1 Coordinator

District Coaches:

Ms. Colleen Cahill, Math Coach

Mrs. Danielle Meekings, Literacy Coach