Dodd Middle School

Student / Parent Handbook

The information contained on this site is to support your success in the middle school environment. We encourage every student to participate in all aspects of our learning community both inside and outside of the classroom. This handbook provides detailed guidelines and definitions of Dodd Middle School life. Violations of these guidelines or definitions may result in sanctions against the student(s) that are determined by teachers or administrators. Consideration of sanctions align with our Mission and strive to create a learning opportunities and supports for both offenders and victims.

Bertram F. Dodd Middle School

Our school, Bertram F. Dodd Middle School, was named in honor of the former principal of Humiston School. Mr. Dodd served as principal from the time the school was opened in 1912 until the year 1943 when Mrs. Henry W. Babcock became principal.

Mission Statement

Dodd Middle School provides a diverse and challenging educational experience, which addresses the needs of every student and strives to be a community that values and promotes respect and life-long learning.

Vision Statement

Empower all students with the academic, social, and emotional skills to lead the world tomorrow.

Core Beliefs

Community - We recognize that no single person or idea can solve complex challenges and believe that people working together can create greater impact than any one individual or organization can accomplish alone.

Collaboration - We look to partner with the Cheshire Community to support and enhance the educational experience for all of our students. Our community partners value the experiences they share with our students to contribute to their academic, social, and emotional growth.

Caring - We care for each student as an individual with academic, social, and emotional needs. These needs are met with mutual respect and founded in the strong bonds that are developed between teachers and students.

Consistency - We abide by our vision, mission & core values, and strive to make every decision based on the needs of each student. Our consistent approach to support all students, staff, and community is vital in maintaining a positive school climate.

Communication - We believe that effective and timely communication is crucial to maintain positive relationships with students, parents and the Cheshire community.

The Cheshire Performance Standards

In alignment with our Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs, the Cheshire Performance Standards further define the key attributes we strive to teach and foster in every student. These standards are not isolated to Dodd Middle School, but are life-long skills that are vital to success in the world of today and tomorrow. We include these standards in our handbook to promote expectations of our students and our staff to further define our learning environments at Dodd Middle School. For a comprehensive overview of the Performance Standards and Vision of the Graduate, click here to visit the district website.

Complex Thinker

The Cheshire Public Schools student uses a variety of complex reasoning skills and techniques from multiple disciplines to shape information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding.


A. Identifies, analyzes and solves authentic/complex problems, situations, questions, and issues

B. Explores a variety of critical and/or creative strategies to accomplish tasks

C. Applies content specific procedures and processes (formulas, equations, syntax, etc.) to solve problems

D. Assesses the relevance of information, synthesizes information and experiences from multiple sources

Creative Thinker

The Cheshire Public Schools student thinks creatively and produces innovative or original products demonstrating novel approaches to thinking and learning.


A. Generates innovative or original ideas and applies them in practice

B. Approaches situations from different perspectives while challenging assumptions

C. Develops an open and growth-oriented mindset: students demonstrate an ability to learn from setbacks, persevere through challenges and take risks

D. Demonstrates flexibility and openness to divergent ideas and different approaches, understanding the connections between different concepts across all disciplines

Self-Directed Learner

The Cheshire Public Schools student is an independent and reflective lifelong learner.


A. Demonstrates self-advocacy, self-awareness, and assessment of skills and strengths

B. Effectively allocates time to accomplish learning and/or personal goals

C. Seeks and uses resources to promote continued learning

D. Prepared to fully and actively participate in all learning experiences

Effective Communicator

The Cheshire Public Schools student clearly expresses his or her ideas in an effective and organized manner.


A. Generates ideas and articulates them clearly and in a well-organized fashion demonstrating thoughtful and precise use of language and personal voice

B. Considers the perspectives of diverse audiences in all communication

C. Communicates for a variety of purposes including information, persuasion, instruction, and motivation

D. Communicates using various modes of expression

Collaborative/Cooperative Learner

The Cheshire Public Schools student engages with members of a group in order to achieve a common goal.


A. Monitors and adjusts own behaviors in order to equitably contribute to group success

B. Works interdependently toward the achievement of group goals by fulfilling individual roles within the group

C. Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills and applies them respectfully when challenging and responding to the ideas of others

D. Practices empathy for the perspective of others and the ability to compromise to achieve a common goal

Community Contributor

The Cheshire Public Schools student actively participates in the school, town, and global community while demonstrating concern and respect for self, others, and property.


A. Shows awareness of social expectations by exhibiting appropriate behavior

B. Demonstrates responsible decision-making and constructive choices by showing respect, civility, and a consideration of the welfare of self, others, and property

C. Exhibits respect for self and others while recognizing individual differences

D. Assumes responsible citizenship by taking positive action in the school, town and global community


The material covered within this student handbook is intended as a method of communicating to students and parents/guardians regarding general district information, rules and procedures and is not intended to either enlarge or diminish any Board policy, administrative regulation or negotiated agreement. Any information contained in this handbook is subject to unilateral revision or elimination from time-to-time without notice. Consult the Cheshire Public School’s website or Dodd Middle School's site for any significant changes.

This site was developed for our students and their parents/guardians. It contains required and useful information. Because it cannot be as personal a communication as we would like, we address students not directly as “you” but rather as “the student,” “students,” or “children.” Likewise, the term “the student’s parent” may refer to the parent, legal guardian, or other person who has agreed to assume responsibility for the student. Both students and parents/guardians need to be familiar with the Cheshire Public School district's Parent/Student Handbook of Selected Policies which are intended to promote school safety and an atmosphere conducive for learning.

The Student/Parent Handbook is designed to be in harmony with Board policy. Please be aware that the handbook is updated yearly, while policy adoption and revision may occur throughout the year. Changes in policy that affect portions of this Handbook will be made available to students and parents through newsletters, web pages, and other communications.


Each student is encouraged to develop and achieve individual educational goals. The district will provide every student with equal educational opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, religion, age, economic status, marital status, or disability. No student will be excluded on such basis from participating in or having access to any course offerings, student athletics, counseling services, employment assistance, extracurricular activities or other school resources. Programs and activities shall be accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities as prescribed by law.

Ms. Tracy Nolan-Hussy is the designated district compliance officer, who will coordinate compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Paper copies of this handbook are available in the Dodd Middle School Main Office or by clicking here.