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Cheryl Johnson is a well-collected Contemporary Artist. Abstract Expressionist painter known for her compositional rhythms, bold coloration, and sweeping gestural brushstrokes. Her paintings photographs and limited edition prints can be seen in galleries and collections across America, Canada and Europe.

Cheryl Johnson a Charlotte, NC and Kauai, Hawaii based artist creates powerful paintings and sculptures that convey beauty, color, strength and, vulnerability. Cheryl Johnson’s oeuvre has garnered attention from gallerists, notable collectors, museums and the media alike, both on a local and international scale.


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"...If you’re outfitting an important room, the work needs to be something with a bit of gravitas.'"

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Cheryl Johnson Cheryl Johnson is an American abstract artist whose work has appeared in galleries throughout the US. Her works are held in numerous private collections in the US, Europe, and Canada. She maintains a studio in Kauai, HI and divides her time between there and Charlotte, NC. A highly collectible artist.

With a long and varied career as an IBM Talent Manager, Instructional Designer and Website Manager; ensconced in a life of technology and marketing. In 2010, she gave up a regular pay cheque at IBM to pursue her love of painting full-time.

Cheryl Johnson describes painting as "a way of sharing my internal dialog in an external way. My commitment is to create dynamic yet sensitive, lyrically beautiful, works of art.

My work resonates with a passion for color, line and light created to share an expression of overlapping time, memory and reality. My intention is to create work that is truthful and real, that has depth and is compelling from a distance and up close. I have come to believe that gravitas in art relates most specifically to how well the artist can transform an emotional idea into its visual equivalent. ”



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"Changing the world one great idea at a time."

"I am an artist painting in the language of abstraction. I see the opportunity to make something amazing. My work continually evolves and changes as I explore emotion and the idea of place. The verdant forests of North Carolina, the translucent skies of Hawaii, the sea surrounding the island of Kauai, the warmth of Fall in the Northwest, the power of Glacier National Park are all subjects explored in my work. I have moments where I am drawn to faces and figurative studies. Series continues to examine secret forests as I am inspired by the beauty of nature: landscape, changing seasons, and the passing of time.

While colors, light, weather and atmosphere act as the impetus in my work, the painting themselves evolve in recalling the memory of a place and continual moments of discovery. Early influences in painting were Monet and JMW Turner. Experiments in impressionistic landscape painting eventually led to a language of abstraction related more to the female abstract expressionists, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler. My goal is to keep the elements universal and invite the viewer to experience it on an emotional levels as well as visually. I am honored that my work is collected by private individuals and is found in public collections worldwide.

Featured in New This Week

4-23-2018 Saatchi Gallery

Joan Mitchell Inspired

Cheryl Johnson

United States


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Cheryl Johnsons's paintings are built up in many layers which are enhanced or scraped off as they are being applied. Lines, shapes, colors and marks evolve as the painting develops to multiple layers. The final outcome is similar to how we experience life itself. Unfolding. Developing. Evolving.


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