Cheryl Johnson

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"We push and pull apart the world, and then layer it with emotions in order to put it back together as something different, beautiful and preferably better." - Cheryl Johnson

A Moment's Pleasure

Piano Inspiration Series Secret Forest paintings created to Music in which the artist applies layers of opaque and translucent brushstrokes of both opulent and somber colors that flow organically across her pictorial surface. The artist has a love affair with color. Blue, purple, magenta, yellow, and – occasionally - green, red and white, are delicately layered, bleeding, and morphing into dynamic abstract forms.

As you look closely you will feel an omnipresent beauty and strength in the natural elements of a forest; limbs, leaves, branches, trunks, shadows. Landscape inspired abstracts are clearly the artist’s inspiration for the last three years. At the same time, the works communicate Johnson’s internal state of being as an intent witness of the beauty of nature. The artist keeps her eye trained on the lines of nature, allowing for the formation of her personal marks and lines within the paintings. Color, lines and form meet with the eye of others—viewers or strangers.

Art fills our lives with beauty and emotion.

Art for discerning collectors, designers, homeowners and businesses.

Cheryl Johnson (b. 1947) is a versatile painter with studios in both Kauai and North Carolina. Her works examines feelings, energy, space, and landscape through tempered abstraction. She views her oeuvre as " a moment's pleasure." Her practice of art making is a deeply personal game of choices and a constant renegotiation between rules of inclusion and omission, acceptance and refusal, inviting the viewer into her world and allowing them to make it their own.



Cheryl Johnson

Emotionally charged mark-making ...

"You keep giving them little surprises. If they get you all in one glance, what is going to make them look again."


Cheryl Johnson captures a moment and makes it momentous.

Her work explores the full gamut of human emotions using a moving, vibrant and gestural palette.

Infinite Possibilities

Cheryl Johnson is an abstract artist living and working in both Kauai and North Carolina whose subtle use of color creates for a richly diverse body of work.

I paint almost every day. It is my passion. I love the surface of both canvas and paper. I create diverse small and large works where I simply just let it flow and explore the power of color and line.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas

"When you walk to the edge of all the light you have known, you must believe that one of two things will happen: There will be something solid for you to stand upon, or, you will be taught how to fly."

Patrick Overton

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