The DofE at The Cherwell School we offer opportunities for students to gain their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and provides a balanced programme of activities that develop the whole person in an environment of social interaction and team working.

Please click here for some ideas to help you complete each section. Activities you do outside of school could also count towards the different sections. Choose activities that motivate you and go on your own personal journey. We expect all participants to abide by the DofE 20 Conditions during their expedition section.


Money should not be a problem. There are various charities and schemes that we can apply for. If this is something you would like, please email Miss Overbeck directly. ( )

For more information

You can find useful information on the DofE website or on the edofe website, or here:

You can also contact The Cherwell School’s DofE Manager, Miss Overbeck at

For Gold our AAP is BXM:

We would recommend precautionary measures against possible insect bites / Lyme disease such as DEET use, wearing full leg covers, clothing tucked into socks, tents zipped up. For more information, please look online.